The Shop

After ongoing parking problems with a local builder I have decided to open the shop on request any day. This means I can nip down either at an appointed time or pot luck if you ring up. I will still operate 24/7 online and post items worldwide


About Me

Welcome to Heatons. I am a dealer (with a shop) in original antique prints and engravings trading for many years from the south of Wiltshire ( and online since 2002 hence the almost thirty year old email address ) . The thousands of original antique prints on my website give collectors from all around the world the chance to purchase prints easily as all prices over £40 are post inclusive anywhere and reduced for collection . All items are genuine and original with full, detailed description . We have an at cost postage price and are substantially cheaper for shop collection especially upon larger items . Any requests from museums and libraries please send a list first if over £100 for a discount

The stock of prints from the 16th.century onward covers a wide range of subjects. The artist selection consists of works by Turner, Nicholson, Hogarth, Daniell, Gillray etc plus artwork such as etchings, posters and colour woodcuts . Topographical prints include most countries and are subdivided as extra stock allows. The website can provide a quick single word search or find prints by searching for artist, subject and if using the Google search and images is selected you may also search by image. 

The shop is in Tisbury a village to be found equidistant between Warminster and Shaftesbury, Dorset. Just between the A303 ( one mile approx), A350 (two miles at least) and four miles from the A30/ Shaftesbury.. for visitors we are at the top of the hill....... with one hour free parking outside the door, local coffee shops and a mini town with two castles  most never discover to check out but used on many films .

DISABILITY INFORMATION:- The shop frontage is listed, historic and cannot be altered and will not fit many wheelchairs and prams without grazing knuckles. Within the shop all areas have chairs available with arms to assist getting up again. Any items can be brought out of the shop even to your car to help just ask or tap the window

The Shop is open most  Saturdays plus other times on telephone or email request. . . . . . . including  early evenings. .

Directions ……At the top of the hill. ( Being in Wiltshire the main town is the high numbers. and downhill we now remain alone )...We have a one hour free parking slot outside the door and deregulated parking a few yards further.

OPENING HOURS .on request Appointments at the shop may be arranged by contacting  either by telephone or email.. If standing outside I would take a minute or so to get down to the village

DELIVERY & PAYMENT Payment is via Paypal if other methods are preferred please contact the shop directly we take most cards, cheques etc

**Prices are postage inclusive worldwide if over £40 Any print will be reserved upon receiving an email and kept for a week to allow a cheque to arrive.