James Gillray Information.

James Gillray Info' Page : During his life time the prints were sold at 227 Strand ie Hannah's shop , then in New Bond Street, then in Old Bond Street, and finally in St James's Street. These started out on laid paper then on hand made rag paper with no image to verso.

A selection of Gillray's works appeared in James Gillray: The Caricatures printed between 1818 and the mid-1820s and published by John Miller, Bridge Street and W. Blackwood, Edinburgh. Nine parts were released and if on the better paper is indistinguishable from the McLean so all will be labelled as McLean if on quality rag paper

The next edition was Thomas McLean's, which was published with a key, in 1830 and is in my mind the best posthumous edition being on superb paper with margins and less tendency to self destruct through time. Again form uncut / unrestored plates

In 1851 Henry George Bohn put out an edition, from the original plates in a handsome elephant folio, with coarser sketches—commonly known as the "Suppressed Plates"—being published in a separate volume. For this edition Thomas Wright and Robert Harding Evans wrote a commentary, a history of the times embraced by the caricatures. Many copies of the Bohn Edition have been broken up into individual sheets and passed off as originals (the number in many was removed chemically). Although the two volumes of the Bohn Edition are often represented as being a complete collection of Gillray's works, this is not the case: for example, 'Doublûres of Characters' is not included in either volume. This is most likely because this print was not published by Hannah Humphrey, but by John Wright for the Anti-Jacobin Review and Magazine Many of the plates appear to have not been recut as the quality can be very patchy showing a worn plate.

The next edition, entitled 'The Works of James Gillray, the Caricaturist: with the Story of his Life and Times' (Chatto & Windus, 1874), was the work of Thomas Wright, and introduced Gillray to larger public. This edition, which is complete in one volume, contains two portraits of Gillray, and upwards of 400 illustrations.

The majority of the plates for sale are from; :- Historical and Descriptive Account of the Caricatures of James Gillray Comprising a Political and Humorous History of the Latter Part of the Reign of George the Third by Thomas Wright and R. H. Evans London: Henry G. Bohn, 1851 Between 1845 and 1851, Henry Bohn published editions of Gillray's works from Gillray's original plates. Over 600 numbered plates were printed back-to-back in two giant atlas folio volumes. . .a good tint ie they date from 1845/51. The third volume was the 'suppressed or gentleman's prints not for ladies viewing etc and as such much scarcer .. . all where possible with a historical description/translation

After failing as a portrait painter, Gillray worked as a freelenace engraver and etcher. After 1782 he started producing political satires, mainly inspired by the conflict between the Whigs and the Tories, the French Revolution and war against Napoleon. Originally his caricatures would have been issued separately, mainly from the print shop of his mistress, Hannah Humphrey, in St. James's Street, London.The name of Gillray's publisher and print seller, Miss Hannah Humphrey—whose shop was first at 227 Strand, then in New Bond Street, then in Old Bond Street, and finally in St James's Street—is inextricably associated with that of the caricaturist himself. Gillray lived with Miss (often called Mrs) Humphrey during the entire period of his fame. His eyesight started failing him, causing him to stop work in 1809. Depressed he turned to drink, and in July 1811 Gillray attempted to kill himself by throwing himself out of attic window above Humphrey's shop. He failed, and survived four years of insanity before dying in 1815. Data. . . the Complete list of Bohn Prints with corresponding plate number



Plate Number 1.Paddy on Horseback

2 .Banco to the Knave

3 Rodney introducing De Grasse

4 St. George and the Dragon

5 The Church Militant

6 Irish Gratitude

7 Guy Vaux

8 The Jubilee

9-12 The W_ST_R Just-Asses A Braying\ The V___ Committee Framing a Report\ Gloria Mundi, \The Lord of the Vineyard

13-17 Judge Thumb\Jack A Both Sides\War.Neither War Nor Peace!\ Ahithophel in the Dumps

18-20 A New Way to Pay the National Debt\ Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense \Anticipation, or the Approaching Fate...

21-23 A Noble Lord, on an Approaching Peace\ The Board of Controul... Ancient Music

24 -25 Monstrous Craws at a New Coalition\ A March to the Bank

26-29 Black Dick Turner Tailor\ There's More Ways Than One\ Dido Forsaken\ Amsterdam in a Dam'd Predicament

30-32 Blood on Thunder Fording the Red Sea\ The Political Banditti Assailing... \ Wife or No Wife...

33-35 The Morning after Marriage\ Questions and Commands\ The Westminster Hunt

36-38 Market Day \ Election Troops\A Pig in a Poke

39 State Jugglers

40 The Visit to Piccadilly...

41 The Vulture of the Constitution

40,42-43 Lord Chancellor Thurlow\ The Bow to the Throne

44-49 John Bull Baited by the Dogs\ Smelling Out A Rat\ The Landing or Sir John Bull \ The Funeral Procession of Miss Regency\ Bandelures\ Barbarites in the West Indies (Triple-fold)

50-52 Lieutenant-Governor Gallstone Inspired\ Taming of the Shrew\ The Impeachment

53-55 \ Guy Vaux Discovered\ The Rights of Man The National Assembly Petrified

56-57 Alecto and her Train\ The Hopes of the Party

58-61 A Birmingham Toast\ An Excrescence - A Fungus...\ The Soldier's Return\ The Introduction

62 The York Minuet

63 The York Reverence

64 French Democrats Surprising...

65 The Knave Wins All...

66-69 Frying Sprats \Toasting Muffins \Weird Sisters \The Pacific Entrance of Earl Wolf

70-71, 74 A Uniform Whig \Her Royal Highness The Duchess of York

72-73, 75 \A Sphere Projecting Against a Plane\ The Bottomless Pitt

74 Patriots Amusing Themselves

75 The Bishop of Tun's Breeches

76-78 Design for a new Gallery\ Malagrida Driving Post\ Antisaccharites

79 Scotch Harry's News

80 Vices Overlooked in the New Proclamation

81 Austrian Bugaboo Funking the French Army

82 The Fall of Wolsey

83-85 A Good Shot\ A Connoisseur Examining a Cooper\ A Voluptuary Under the Horrors of Digestion

86-88 Sin, Death, and the Devil \ Un Petit Souper a la Parisienne \ The Reception of the Diplomatique

89-91 The Bengal Levee \ The Slough of Despond \ Tom Paine's Nightly Pest

92-95 A Smoking Club \ John Bull Bothered \ French Liberty - British Slavery \ Sans-Culottes Feeding Europe

96-99 The Dagger Scene \ The Blood of the Murdered \ A Democrat \ The Chancellor of the Inquisition

100-101 Fatigues of the Campaign \ Dumourier Dining in State

102-103 Britannia between Scylla & Charybdis \ John Bull's Progress

104-105 Flannel Armour \ The Heroic Charlotte La Cordé

106-108 Blue and Buff Charity\ A Paris Belle\ A Paris Beau\ A French Hailstorm

110-112 Pantagruel's Victorious Return\ French Telegraph Making Signals\ The Blessings of Peace

113-115 The Genius of France\ The Eruption of the Mountain\ The Lover's Dream

116-118 The Prophet of the Hebrews \ Leaving Off Powder\ Patriotic Regeneration

119-121 Light Expelling Darkness \ Affability\ A True British Tar

122-124 The Real Cause of the Present High Price \ Polonius\ John Bull Ground Down

125-127 God Save the KIng \ Blindman's Bluff\ Presages of the Millenium

128-131 What a CUR'TIS\ A Keen-sighted Politician warming his\ The British Butcher\ The Sleep Walker

132 The Republican Attack

133 Supplementary Militia

134 Copenhagen House

135 Substitutes for Bread

136 The Republican Rattlesnake

137 Retribution - Tarring and Feathering

138 Hanging. Drowning.

139 The Crown and Anchor Libel

140-142 The Death of the Great Wolf\ The Royal Bullfight\ The Presentation

143 A Hackney Meeting

144 Pity the Sorrows of a Poor Old Man

145 The Dog Tax

146 Democratic Levelling

147 The Generae of Patriotism

148 John Bull and His Dog Faithful

149 The Wine Duty

150 The Dissolution

151-154 The Hustings \ The Daily Advertiser\ The Proof of the Refined Feelings\ The Caneing in Conduit Street

155-157 Promised Horrors of the French Invasion\ Glorious Reception of the Ambassador of Peace\ Opening of the Budget

158 Begging No Robbery

159 End of the Irish Invasion

160 The Giant Factotum

161 The Lion's Share

162 The Tree of Liberty

163 The Republican Hercules

164 The Nuptial Bower

165 Bank Notes - Paper Money

166-169 The Tables Turned\ Political Ravishment\ Midas Transmuting all into Paper\ Le Bonnet Rouge

170-172 The Bridal Night\ La Baiser a la Wirtembourg\ Parliamentary Reform

173-179 The Loyal Toast\ The Friend of Humanity and Knife-Grinder\ The Storm Rising\La Promenade en Famille\ The Esplanade\ Consequences of a Successful French Invasion\ We Explain De Rights of Man\ (Double-fold)

180-181 We Fly on the Wings of The Wind\ Me Teach De English Repulicans to Work

182-184\ Lord Longbow, The Alarmist\St. George's Volunteers Charging

Search Night

185-192 Habits of New French Legislators, No. 1\ French Habits, No. 2\French Habits, No. 3\ French Habits, No. 4\ French Habits, No. 5\ French Habits, No. 6\ French Habits, No. 7\ French Habits, No. 8

193-198 French Habits, No. 9\ French Habits, No. 10\ French Habits, No. 11\ French Habits, No. 12\ London Corresponding Society Alarmed

Meeting of Unfortunate Citoyens

199-202 Shrine at St. Anne's Hill\ The Tree of Liberty\ The Explanation\ Opposition Telegraphs

203-207 Le Coupe de Maitre\ United Irishmen in Training\ United Irishmen Upon Duty\ Pig's Meat\ Nightly Visitors at St. Anne's Hill

207*Extirpation of the Plagues of Egypt

208 John Bull Taking a Luncheon

209 Nelson's Victory

210 Stealing Off

211 The Hero of the Nile

212 Fighting for the Dunghill

213 Destruction of the French Colossus

214 Improvements in Weights and Measures

215-218 Horrors of the Irish Union\' Meeting of the Monied Interest\ Citizens Visiting the Bastille\ Buonaparte Hearing of Nelson's Victory

219-220 The Apotheosis of Hoche\ Siege de la Colonne de Pompée

221 Egyptian Sketches

222 L'Insurrection de L'Institute Amphibie

223 L'Infanterie Française en Egypte

224 Praetor Urbanus

225-228 Théologie à Turque\ Mamaluck et Hussard Republicain\ Tirailleiur Français et Cheval Leger\ Supposed to be a Correct Representation

229-233 Exhibition of a Democratic Transparency\ New Pantheon of Democratic Mythology\ Hercules Reposing\ Mars\ Harpies defiling the Feast

234-237 Cupid\ The Twin Stars, Castor and Pollux\ The Affrighted Centaur\ The Inexpressible Air of Dignity

239-240 A Man of Importance\ Field-Marshal Count Sawarrow-Romniskoy

241-244 The State of the War\ The High German Method\ Independence\ Pizarro Contemplating

245 French Generals Retiring

246 Allied Powers Unbooting Egalite

247 The Reception in Holland

248 Exit Liberte a la Françoise!

249-251 Effusions of a Pot of Porter\ The French Consular Triumvirate\ Design for the Naval Pillar

252-254 Democracy; or a sketch of the life of Buonaparte\ The New Speaker\ Buonaparte Leaving Egypt

255-257 The Worn-Out Patriot\ The Magnanimous Ally\ The Union Club

258-261 Integrity Retiring From Office\ Political Amusements for Young Gentlemen\ Lilliputian Substitutes\ Preliminaries of Peace!

262-265 Political Dreamings!\ Preparing for the Grand Attack\ The National Parachute\ Sketches of the Interior of St. Stephen's

266-270 Hope\ Despair\ The Nursery\ Introduction of Citizen Volpone\ German Nonchalance

271-273 The First Kiss These Ten Years\ A Phantasmagoria\ Bat-Catching

274 Doctor Sangrado Curing John Bull

275-280 Physical Aid\ Armed Heroes\ French Volunteers Marching\ French Invasion\ Maniac Ravings\ Death of the Corsican Fox\ (Double-fold)

281-284\ The Handwriting Upon The Wall\ Destruction of the French Gun-Boats\ John Bull and the Alarmist\ The Corsican Carcase

285-287 The Corsican Pest\ The King of Brobdingnag 1\ The Genius of France

288-289 The King of Brobdingnag 2\ A Morning Ride

290 Confederated Coalition

291 Middlesex Election, 1804

292-298 Buonaparte Forty-Eight Hours After Landing!\ Uncorking Old Sherry\ The Grand Coronation Procession\ The Plum-Pudding in Danger\ The Apples and the Horse-Turds\ John Bull Offering Little Boney Fair Play\ The State Waggoner

299-300 End of the Irish Farce\ St. George and the Dragon

301-304 Britannia Between Death and the Doctors\ The Reconciliation\ The Wounded Lion\ The Surrender of Ulm

305-308 Political Candour\ The Death of Admiral Lord Nelson\ Le Diable Boiteux\ The Cabinetical Balance

309-312 Tiddy-Doll, the Great French Gingerbread Baker\ Making Decent\ More Pigs than Teats\ A Tub for the Whale

313-316 A Great Stream from a Petty Fountain\ Pacific Overtures\ The Magnanimous Minister\ Comforts of a Bed of Roses

317 The Bear and his Leader

318 The Triumph of Quassia

319 Visiting the Sick

320 Bruin in his Boat

321-324 The Friend of the People\ Sketch for a Monument of\ Dissapointed Justice\ Westminster Conscripts\ News from Calabria

325-330 Triumphal Procession\ The High Flying Candidate\ Posting to the Election\ The Funeral Procession of Broad-Bottom\ View of the Hustings\ A Plumper for Paull! \ (Double-fold)

331-334 Patriots Deciding a Point of Honour!\ John Bull and the Sinking Fund\ Election Candidates\ The Fall of Icarus

335-337 A Kick at the Broad Bottoms\ Political Mathematicians Shaking\ The Pigs Possessed

338-340 The New Dynasty\ Charon's Boat\ Phaeton Alarmed!

341-344 Delicious Dreams! Castles in the Air!\ Pillars of the Constitution\ British Tars Towing the Danish Fleet\ Broad Bottomed Drones Storming

345-348 L'Enfant Trouve\ The Spanish Bull Fight\ The Valley of the Shadow of Death\ Spanish Patriots Attacking

349-351 The Loyal Address\ Patriotic Petitions\ Disciples Catching the Mantle

352-354 Pandora Opening Her Box \ Apotheosis of the Corsican Phoenix\ Overthrow of the Republican Babel

355-357 An Old English Gentleman Pestered\ The Introduction of the Pope\ The Reform of Parliament

358-361 The Life of William Cobbett 1\ The Life of William Cobbett 2\ The Life of William Cobbett 3\ The Life of William Cobbett 4

362-365 The Life of William Cobbett 5\ The Life of William Cobbett 6\ The Life of William Cobbett 7\ The Life of William Cobbett 8


MISCELLANEOUS SERIES (Plates 367 to 582)

367-370 Les Plaisirs du Ménage\ Grace Before Meat\ The German Dancing Master\ Regardez Moi

371-375 A Natural Crop\ Paille d'Avoine\ Monuments Lately Discovered\ La Belle Assemblée\ The Assault d'Armes

376-379*** Margaret's Ghost\ Betty Canning Revived\ The Thunderer\ Ornaments of Chelsea Hospital\ How to Ride with Elegance\ Sampson Overcome\ Anecdote Maçonique

380-382 Shakespeare Sacrificed\ Bombardinian Conferring\ A Peep into the Shakespeare Gallery

383-389 The Finishing Touch\ La Derniere Ressource\ Patent Bolsters\ An Angel Gliding\ Britannia\ A Witch, Upon a Mount's Edge\ Les Trois Magots

390-394 The Power of Beauty\ Le Cochon et Ses Deux Petites\ St. Cecilia\ A Spencer and a Threadpaper\ A Vestal of __93

395-398 Spouting\ A Duet\ Flemish Characters\ Flemish Characters

399-402 And Catch the Living Manners\ Modern Elegance\ A Portrait\ Count Rupee Following the Fashion

403-406 Enter Cowslip\ Characters in High Life\ Parasols for 1795\ The Shadow of a Duke

407-411 A Slice of the Gloster Cheese\ For Improving the Breed\ A Lady Putting On Her Cap\ The Great South Sea Caterpillar\ The Archduke

412-415 A Decent Story\ Twopenny Whist\ A Modern Belle Going to the Rooms at Bath\ The Fashionable Mamma

416-420 Lady Godiva's Rout\ High Change in Bond Street\ A Burgess of Warwick Lane\ La Belle Espagnole\ My Poll and my Partner Joe

421-424 Oh! That This Too Solid Flesh Would Melt\ Cymon and Iphigenia\ The Loss of the Faro Bank\ Discipline a la Kenyon

425-428 Exaltation of the Pharoah's Daughter\ Georgy a Cockhorse\ Sandwich Carrots!\ A Corner Near the Bank

429-432 A Peep at Christie's\ Contemplations Upon a Coronet\ Modern Grace\ The Marriage of Cupid and Psyche

433-436 Pylades and Orestes\ Heroes Recruiting at Kelsey's\ A Hint to Modern Sculptors\ Un Diplomatique, Settling Affairs

437-440 Staggering Bobs\ Portrait of an Irish Chief\ Pushpin\ The Gordon Knot

441-443 Homer Singing His Verses\ The Salute\ Titanus Redivivus

444-447 German Luxury\ Loyal Souls\ Brigade-Major\ The Military Caricaturist

448-452 Operatical Reform\ A Country Concert\ Thirty Years I Have Lived in this Parrish\ Notorius Characters\ No. 1 Monstrosities of 1799

453-456 Punch Cures the Gout\ The Gout\ A Gentleman of the Court\ French Tailor Fitting John Bull

457-464 Waltzer Au Mouchoir\ Oh! Listen to the Voice of Love\ The Comforts of a Rumford Stove\ A Military Sketch of a Gilt Stick\ A Scotch Pony\ Equestrian Elegance!\ Georgy in the Coal-Hole\ A Standing Dish at Boodle's

465-472 Gentle Manners\ Symptoms of Deep Thinking\ [Large Boots] \ Corporeal Stamina\ A Prince of the Old School\ Pen-etration\ Half Natural\ "So Skippy Skipton, With His Wonted Grace"

473-480 All Bond Street Trembled\ Pattern Staff\ A Dash Up St.\ James's Street\ Capt. Townsend\ Nauticus\ An Illustrious Character\ The Royal Lounger\ The Prince of Wales

481-484 Taking Physic\ Gentle Emetic\ Breathing a Vein\ Charming Well Again

485-487 Mrs. Gibbs, The Notorious Street-Walker\ Comfort to the Corns\ Begone Dull Care

488-491 Hounds Finding\ Hounds in Full Cry\ Hounds Thrown Off\ Coming in at the Death

492-495 Cockney Sportsmen Marking Game\ Cockney Sportsmen Shooting Flying\ Cockney Sportsmen Recharging\ Cockney Sportsmen Finding a Hare

496-499 Venus Attired by the Graces\ Dido in Despair\ A Cognoscenti Contemplating\ A Pair of Polished Gentlemen

500-506 Ars Musica\ A Welch Tandem\ What Can Little T____O____ Do?\ Fat Cattle\ Elegance\ Democratique Anacreontics in Full Song\ Metallic Tractors

507-508 A Lyoness\ A Bravura Air. Mandane.

509-512 Mental Energy\ A Pinch of Cephalic\ A Bouquet of the last Century\ Lordly Elevation

513-516 Advantages of Wearing Muslin\ Tales of Wonder\ Diana Return'd from the Chase\ Blowing-Up the Pic-Nics

517-523 The Pic-Nic Orchestra\ Germans Eating Sourkrout\ The Cow-Pock\ Scientific Researches!\ Governor Wall's Ghost\ Mary of Buttermere\ Dillettanti Theatricals

524-527 A Great Man on the Turf\ The Three Mr. Wiggins's\ The Bulstrode Siren \ A Hint to Young Officers

528-531 A Broad Hint of Not Meaning To Dance\ Company Shocked at a Lady\ An Old Maid on a Journey\ Fortune Hunting

532-535 The Theatrical Bubble\ The Guardian Angel\ A Cockney and his Wife\ Posting in Ireland

536-539 Clearing a Five-Bar Gate\ Posting in Scotland\ Harmony Before Matrimony\ Matrimonial Harmonics

540-543 Elements of Skateing. Attitude!\ Elements of Skateing. The Consequence\ Elements of Skateing. A Fundemental Error\ Elements of Skateing. Making the most

544-550 Morning Promenade\ The Rake's Progess at the University, No. 1\ The Rake's Progess at the University, No. 2\ The Rake's Progess at the University, No.3\ The Rake's Progess at the University, No. 4\ The Rake's Progess at the University, No. 5\ The Sound of the Horn \(2 SHEETS)

551-556 Connoisseurs Examining A Collection\ Mother Goose, at Oxford\ Delicious Weather\ Dreadful Hot Weather\ Sad Sloppy Weather\Raw Weather

557-564 Fine Bracing Weather\Windy Weather\Very Slippy Weather\Maecenas in Pursuit of the Fine Arts\Fast Asleep\Wide Awake\A View of Newmarket Heath\An Old Encore at the Opera

565-567 Farmer Giles and his Wife Venus a la Coquille Theatrical Mendicants Relieved

568-573 Les Invisibles La Walse. Le Bon Genre. Progress of the Toilet - The Stays Progress of the Toilet - The Wig Progress of the Toilet - Dress Completed Grace, Fashion, and Manners

574-577 A Petty Professor of Modern History Counsellor O.P. Defender A Squall A Calm

578-581 The Graces in a High Wind A Little Music Matins at D__WN__NG College, \Billy the Gamekeeper

582 A Barber's Shop in Assize Time\ Tentanda via est qua me quoque possim



1-2 "Evacuation before Resignation" "The Injured Count,, S___"

3-4 "Sawney in the Bog-House" "Junction of Parties"

5-6 "Wouski" "The Castle in the Moon"

15-16 "The Monster going to take his afternoon's Luncheon"\ "Swearing to the Cutting Monster"

17-18 "Lubber's Hole, alias..." "Patience on a Monument"

19-20 "The Devil to Pay" "Fashionable Contrasts"

21-22 "The Coming-On of the Monsoons", \"Taking Physick"

23-24 "Wha Wants Me?", \"Going to London Through Epping Forest"

25-26 "National Conveniences" "Brisk Cathartic"

27-28 "Nature Display'd...", \"Ladies Dress, As it soon will be"

29-30 "The Zenith of French Glory" "Fashionable Jockeyship"

31-32 "Presentation of the Mahometan Credentials" "The French Invasion"

33-34 "The Grand Signor Retiring", \"The Jersey Smuggler Detected"

35-36 "Enchantments Lately Seen..." "The Orangerie"

37 "Madam Talian and the Empress Josephine"

38-39 "The Feast of Reason & the Flow of Soul" "Duke Williams Ghost"

40-41 "Playing in Parts..." "The Man of Feeling..."

42-43 "Evacuation of Malta" "Palemon and Lavinia"

44-45 "Miss, I have a Monstrous Crow to pluck with you" "and would'st thou turn the vile Reproach on me?"

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