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Václav Hollar , known in England as Wenceslaus and in Germany as Wenzel Hollar, was a Bohemian etcher. He was born in Prague, and died in London, being buried at St Margaret's Church, Westminster. Hollar, was a Bohemian exile, in 1636, while working in Cologne was employed by the Earl of Arundel as artist-in-residence to make drawings of his extensive art collection. Some of these drawings are now the only information on the contents of that impressive collection. In 1642 the Earl of Arundel ( from Wardour Castle , Wilts) left England for the Continent leaving his wife in charge in Wiltshire , never to return. The turmoil of the civil war caused Hollar to move to Antwerp in 1644, where he settled for a few years. The main quantity of his work was done for Dugdale who paid between £3 and £5 per etching .W. Hollar,from Sir W. Dugdale, Monasticon Anglicanum ... (originally published in 3 vols, London, 1655-1673; enlarged edn, 6 vols in 8 parts, by J. Caley and others,Wenceslas Hollar (13 July 1607 - 25 March 1677) e. He trained in the workshop of Merian in Frankfurt, and became one of the foremost engravers of topographical views in the 17th century. On account of his English connections, Hollar finally settled in London, and during the Civil War he fought on the Royalist side. His views of the city of London form an invaluable record of its appearance before the Great Fire of 1666. He was very prolific and engraved a wide range of subjects aparts from views and landscapes.Hollar produced a variety of works; his plates number approx 2740, and include views, portraits, ships, religious subjects, heraldic subjects, landscapes, and still life in many forms. His architectural drawings, such as those of Antwerp and Strassburg cathedrals, and his views of towns, are to scale, but are intended as pictures as well.

ST. KATHERINE'S BY THE TOWER. /Conventualis Ecclesiae Hospitalis S. Catharinae Juxta Tnrrim London : a Meridie prospectus

Signed and dated in lower 1.: W. Hollar fecit 1660. Title along the top : Conventualis Ecclesiae Hospitalis S. Catharinae Juxta Tnrrim London : a Meridie prospectus. Dedication of the donor of the plate, William Petit, in cartouche upper r. Page number 4.60 lower r. Occurs folded in Dugdale, Monasticon, Vol. II. (1661), between pp. 460 and 461. The Royal Hospital and collegiate church of St. Katherine's, founded by Eleanor, Queen of Henry II, in 1273, and remaining under the patronage of the Queen Consort, 1 existed on the same site until 1825. It was then pulled down to make room for St. Katherine's Dock. The foundation was transferred to Regent's Park, but there are only a few remains of the old church in the new St. Katherine's (e.g. part of some of the stalls). . . . .St Katharine's by the Tower - full name Royal Hospital and Collegiate Church of St. Katharine by the Tower - was a medieval church and hospital next to the Tower of London. The establishment was founded in 1148 and demolished in 1825 to build St Katharine Docks, which takes its name from it.    £65 x 2

Capellae Collegii Regalis de Eton ab Aquilone Prospectus. / Eton
Etching with engraving on laid watermarked paper from Monasticon Anglicanum: or, the History of the Ancient Abbies, Monasteries, Hospitals, Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, with their Dependencies, in England and Wales. Hollar had returned to England in 1652 and begun working for the publisher John Ogilby and the antiquary Sir William Dugdale. Over the next twenty-five years he etched no fewer than 566 plates for them. Sir William Dugdale (1605-1686):English antiquary and friend of Hollar's patron Thomas Howard, second earl of Arundel, Dugdale compiled one of the most significant histories of English religious houses, , Monasticon, Vol. II. (1661),The text was written by Roger Dodsworth (1585-1654) He had spent his life in the study of genealogy and ecclesiastical and monastic history. He was also an indefatigable collector of manuscripts which are now in the Bodleian Library. . . (folded)  light age toning x 3   £65

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