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Early engravings of Persepolis pre destruction

De Monceau Fruit click here

Jacobs Heraldry click here

nice new selection pineapple is sold

Anson's Voyages

John Piper of wales
Steve Kemp Spay art originals click here

John Piper and Joseph Herman signed lithos 1969 click here

A selection  from. JOHN GOULD 1804 - 1881from many books Australia, Toucans, Trogons, Tropical etc click here

  Block of three framed or loads unframed Double Red Campion; Dark flower'd White Hellebore; Arabian Ornithogalum, etc. Antique Folio Copper Plate Published 1757, London for "Eden, or a Compleat Body of Gardening" by John Hill. John Hill (c. 1714 – 21 November 1775) click here

 Wachendorfia Thyrsiflora (Thyrsus or Lilac Wachendorfia), 

Stipple engraving, printed in colour and finished by hand from Redoute 'Les Liliacées '.  Published in Paris: Imprimerie de Didot jeune, 1802-16. , engraved by Philipeau. Sheet size: 20 5/8 x 13 1/2 inches.  ***These are a block of 6 in gilt frames as shown above and have a few flaws but all minor. Some time in their past they have had spots of water damage which when lit  by flash show up as beige marks. When on the wall they do not detract from the pic but if wanted to be removed my restorer quoted £20 for the worst as a quick minor job*** click here

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