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Posters all substantially cheaper collected as postage+ packing  on many simple ones is almost £20 and on framed a huge amount to pack safely

Poster : "IDIOTA", 1959 Designed by MACIEJ HIBNER (Born 1931 in Warsaw. Graduated from Warsaw ASP 1955 (class of Prof. J.Mroszczak). Exhibitions in London, Paris, Wien, Rome and Delhi (1954). ) Framed for years  Size A1 horizontal = 33" x 23" (84 x 58.5 cm), color offset  From the Film : "Idiot", SU (Mosfilm), 1958 . Poster is framed with acid free backing , non reflective glass ( hence muted colours ) unopened due to provenance  . Directed by Iwan Pyriew Starring : Jurij Jakowlew, Julia Borisowa, Raisa Maksimowa, Leonid Parchomienko, Sergei Martinson . Totally unsuitable for export due to size etc . .For More info on Mosfilm http://mosfilm.ru/eng/company/ £480 delivered as weighs many kilo loads cheaper collected

Waldemar Swierzy Poster
Matka Joanna od Aniołów (1961) Film aka Mother Joan of the Angels also known as The Devil and the Nun) is a 1961 drama film on demonic possession.  Film Directed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz Starring : Lucyna Winnicka, Mieczyslaw Voit, Anna Ciepielewska  This is the original Polish poster by Waldemar Swierzy "MATKA JOANNA OD ANIOLOW", 1961, reissued 1979 This is the original printing  Size A1 vertical =  (57 x 78.5 cm), color offset  Recent auction prices in the stupid range CONDITION Crease top right + left corner would press/iron out, For once not with ragged edges   Old abrasion to the centre reinforced behind with tape suspect pin £85 delivered

From the Film ’DZIECIŃSTWO GORKIEGO’  Directed by  Mark Donskoj released 1938  Artist  Jan Młodożeniec (J.Młodożeniec.) size 86.5 x 59.5 Published in  Polska in 1955. CONDITION Crease top left corner would press/iron out,But  with ragged edges, creased base from framing for exhibition reflected in the price £45 delivered  JAN MLODOZENIEC One of the most outstanding artist in Poland in last 50 years.Born in Warsaw in 1929. Studied from 1948 till 1955 at the academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the Department of Graphic Arts and Posters of Henryk Tomaszewski. Member of AGI. Worked in in posters, drawing, book and publication design, illustration. Jan Mlodozeniec designed over 400 posters. He made many individual exhibitions around the world and his works are in the largest museums and collections worldwide. His major awards are: Film Poster Exhibition, Warsaw 1965 - special award. International Film Poster Exhibition, Vienna 1965 - second prize. Polish Poster Biennale, Katowice - Silver medal 1971, bronze medal 1977 and 1981, gold medal 1981. International Poster Biennale, Warsaw 1980 - Gold medal. Poster Biennale Lahti 1983 - first prize. Jan Mlodozeniec Died in December, 2000 in Warsaw.

1970 Surrealist Poster
 Polske Surrealister By Jan Lenica (1929-2001)  Size 68x97 on board since new unglazed . This would ship but price quoted includes UK delivery as packaging would be high cost. Cheaper collected  £155 inc UK delivery /£85 collected some small abrasions

Boris Godunov
Russian Opera of Modest Musorgsky - story based on the novel of Alexander Pushkin. by Jozef Mroszczak (1910-1975 Studied in the School of Decorative Arts and Artistic Crafts in Cracow and Kunstgewerbeschule and Graphische Lehr- und Versuchanstalt in Vienna. Professor of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw since 1952 to 1975. Works in poster, exhibition arrangement, applied graphics art.)  originally printed in  1959 ( but this is reprinted in 1969) Size 68x97 on board since new unglazed . This would ship but price quoted includes UK delivery as packaging would be high cost. Cheaper collected  £155 inc UK delivery/ £85 collected

Vintage polish  poster tree with a face some creasing as seen oversize stunning ironed then framed  £45

Film Poster / Za glosno
Designer: Swierzy Waldemar poster title: Za glosno year of poster: 1972 poster . ( Waldemar Swierzy (09.09.1931 - 27.11.2013). Born in Katowice. Graduate of the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts (Dept. of Graphic Art in Katowice). Obtained his diploma in 1952. Specialized in poster and all forms of commercial graphic (book covers, stamps, CD covers). Individual shows: Vienna, Moscow, Poznań, Sao Paulo, Caracas, Wrocław. He designed his first poster in 1950. Worked as professor at the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts. ) Condition issues either iron and frame or linen back Rare £55 inc delivery

 Halas Poster

Condition extensive creases folded corners £45 inc d

Antoni Czechow Wujaszek Wania
Poster for Uncle Vanya at the Atheneum Theatre /
  Poster by Jan MŁODOŻENIEC (Warszawa 1929 - Warszawa 2000) Plakat ANTONI CZECHOW, WUJASZEK WANIA, 1968 Teatr Ateneum, Warszawa
Druk, papier; 84 x 59 cm Pochodzenie: ze zbiorów Mateusza Garbowskiego  Condition creases would iron  £45 inc d

Zapylenie vintage poster 1

 Smaller poster by Andrzej Jan Krajewski ( 1949 w Warszawie) printed  1972 £45

Zapylenie vintage poster 2

 Smaller poster by Andrzej Jan Krajewski ( 1949 w Warszawie) printed  1972 £45

ubu roi alfred jarry poster

Polish 23x33 movie poster '65 stage play!
Creases as seen in pic £40 delivered

Gogol Rewizor /The Govt Inspector
Size (cm): 96.5x66.5 Due to size £40 inc delivery

Cyrk  >
1975 Polish Poster Cyrk Amazing Circus Artwork of Swinging Clown mended vertical tear Artist: B. Bocianowski. Size (cm): 96.5x66.5 Due to size £40 inc delivery

Alvar  Aalto Exhibition Poster
 Alvar  Aalto,  1898 - 1976. :    Finlands Arkitekturmuseum, Sveriges Arkitekturmuseum, Moderna Museet; utställningen pågår 18 april - 1 juni 1969 . Offset  Huge size A0+ Rare £125 inc

Roberto Sambonet. Artek Poster
Roberto Sambonet. disegni a penna e acquarelli mediterranei. Galerie Artek (Helsinki), 1985 Condition issues marks from rusty drawing  pins but still visually interesting  £65 inc

1982 Lahti Organ Festival Poster
Large A0 poster. Starting  from 1973 Lahti Organ Festival has also featured films, circus, dance and various experimental art forms in the organ music £55 inc

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