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Scotland Hebrides, Orkney, Shetlands etc

Carte de l'Ecosse
cm,Rigobert Bonne, (1727-1795) published Paris, ca. 1787size  333 x 222 mm.  rare included with the islands as for once  seems accuarte £45 inc ddelivery, folds as issued

A View of British Fishery off the S Coast of Shetland

Copper engraving on fine paper   from the London Magazine; or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer  May 1752   original folds all complete £45 26 x 20.5 cm  early panorama  unmounted with folds as issued. These early folding prospects are rare and normally accurate versions of the place depicted . Printed and sold by Richard Baldwin from Paternoster Row  . . the Free British Fishery,  £40 inc delivery  folds as issued stupidy rare NOT Gents Mag as Shetland Museum has it !

North part of Scotland Map in Shetland, Western Isles
by Robert Morden published by Awnsham in 1722 in Camden's Britannia. Morden was an accomplished cartographer and one of the first to show longitudes measured from the meridian of St. Paul's Cathedral and shown in degrees at the bottom of the map and time in minutes at the top as time at this date was measured locally from the sun. Copper engraved map, folded as issued,. Size 42x36.5cms/16.5"x14.25". £135 printed over page edge


Loch `Ken and Castle by Swann £8
will move to its own page when time..  I know its mainland just overstretched


Antique map of Scotland by the well-known Thomas Jefferys (1719-1771 ), Geographer to King George III. With a separate inset of the Shetlands and a decorative cartouche of eagle, fish, barrels, etc. Originally produced for an edition of Thomas Salmon, "A New Geographical and Historical Grammar".London :   Published in   London by Thomas Salmon 1762. Later hand colour full margins  Copper line engraving on paper. Later hand colour. Engraved surface 184 x 197mm (approx. 7-1/4" x 7-3/4"). Folds as issued , mild tanning to extreme outer edges of base margins £45 inc delivery

Orkney . . . Jimmy's been here first !

General Plan of the Antiquities of Stenness Orkney 1848

left of Map. .  not split simply shown in both bits Covers the lochs and profiles the stones and Mees How etc  Drawn and engraved by James Basire 22 cm x 64 cm actual image plus margins/plate area etc folds as issued Published April 1851

  The society of antiquaries issued engravings of about to be lost or threatened structures  in the series Vetusta Monumenta (Ancient Monuments), which ran intermittently from 1718 to 1906. The distinguished engraver George Vertue was an early member and was responsible for most engravings up to his death in 1756. Each member of the Society received a free copy these are scarce as few antiquarians break books most are in library collections being only printed for members . perefct copy with margins £85


View of Orkney Islands
engraving by William Miller after C Stanfield From a collection of engravings depicting locations in Sir Walter Scott's Waverley Novels. text by John Tillotson.Engravings by Finden based on drawings by Clarkson Stanfield, David Roberts, W.Daniell, Copley Fielding, George Cattermole, S.Prout and S.Austin. engravings are approximately 4.5 x 3 inches. published by Darton and Co, Holborn Hill, London in 1859.£10

The Earl's Palace, Kirkwall

Kikwall  Ruins of the  Bishop's Palace and South Transept of the Cathedral

Kirkwall the Nave looking eat


Kirkwall the Choir

Kirkwall west end

Kirkwall from the S.E.


Kirkwall N.W View

Notland Castle Westray sold but regularly in stock



 “The Chiefe Harbours of the Islands of Orkney '

. . . .. are most humbly Presented & Dedicated to Capt. Will Bond by Capt. Greenville Collins, Hydrographer to the King.” London 1698. From Great Britain's Coasting Pilot, first published in 1693 by Capt. Greenville Collins, the first hydrographer appointed by the Admiralty, to survey the coasts of England, Scotland, Wales and adjacent islands Large plate chart/map in excellent condition slight aging to the fold full page no tears or holes. London 1698. Coloured. 17¼X22. Very striking chart of the Orkney Islands off the northern coast of Scotland, shows the region from Pomona & Kirkwall to Rowsay.Includes Shapinsha (Shapinsay), Eglesha, Wyre, Garsay & Green Island. Two inset charts are depicted at base of chart, one showing Pomona Harbour & Dear Sound, Mulhead, Nestin & Linknesse.  The other showing Hoy & Hoy Mouth with Stromnesse & Cairston. Also includes 5 landfall approach views of the approaches to Mulhead, Faire Isle, the Maiden Papp's & Dunkins Bay Head  £280 inc delivery unmounted,unframed



Lithograph map Published by the:Weekly Dispatch Original colourfromThe Dispatch Atlas Size: (W x H):44cm x 31cm
1858-63 by   Edward Weller. (from The British Islands and the North Sea) Some minor creasing , folds as issued 2 x copies  £55 unmounted inc

Westray Harris

Rowadill in Harris
Fom 'A Voyage Round Great Britain' This series was published in 8 volumes during the period 1814 to 1825. The journey was initially started in 1813 and was a joint project with William Daniell producing the drawings and William Ayton the text.. Eleven years later he completed his magnum opus having travelled from Land's End to John 0'Groats via the west coast, then back to Land's End via the east.The result was a collection of 308 aquatint engravings, the last great artist's voyage before photography was invented. images all 9" x 11"but full page unless stated with huge margins, £45 inc  as has a matt burn from being framed in the past  and is mucky unmounted RARE

Dunstaffage Castle Isle of Mull Engraved for the The New British Traveller, or a Complete Modern Universal Display of Great Britain and Ireland.. The whole puyblished under the immediate inspection of George Augustus Walpoole Assisted by ...Printed for Alex Hogg at the Kings Arms No 16 Paternoster-Row 1784 £12 . . x 2

Oransay Monastery Engraved for the The New British Traveller, or a Complete Modern Universal Display of Great Britain and Ireland.. The whole puyblished under the immediate inspection of George Augustus Walpoole Assisted by ...Printed for Alex Hogg at the Kings Arms No 16 Paternoster-Row 1784 £12 .Sold

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