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SCOTLAND Kinross-shire

Scotland Kinross-shire

The County of Kinross is a historic county in eastern Scotland, administratively part of Perth and Kinross.Surrounding its largest settlement and county town of Kinross, the county borders Perthshire to the north, Fife to the east and south, and Clackmannanshire to the west.The shire or sheriffdom of Kinross was formed in the thirteenth century when the two parishes of Kinross and Orwell were removed from the Fothriff area of Fife. Cleish, Portmoak and Tullibole were added by act of parliament in 1685. As local government in Scotland evolved, Kinross-shire gained a county council in 1890, which was later amalgamated with Perth County Council under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1929.

Loch levens Castle
Antique engraved print  unmounted copper engraving. Engraved by Middiman from "Select Views in Great Britain. Engraved by S. Middiman, from Pictures and Drawings by the most eminent Artists. With descriptions."Samuel Middiman (1750 - 1831) published by Samuel Middiman, 3 Grafton Street, Tottenham Court Road, London, 1784-92. 7 1/4 x 5 inches. with text £35 inc delivery

Loch Levens Castle from Beauties of England & Wales by John Britton (1771&-;1857), English antiquary and topographer and E. W. Brayley. The two friends wrote part of Beauties of England and Wales (18 vol., in 25, 1801&endash;15) image 11 x 16cm app. he printed large pics to small paper unmounted £12 . . . 2 copies bad pic not stained engraving

Loch Leven Castle By Hooper and Sparrow 1790 for .....Francis GROSE (c.1731 . .1791) THE ANTIQUITIES OF ENGLAND AND WALES was first published in 1772/3 and ran to many editions £10

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Loch Leven Antique steel engraved print Drawn by William Bartlett or  Thomas Allom. Originally produced for the part-work series "Scotland Illustrated"By William BEATTIE. Published by Virtue & Co, London 1835-1838. Steel line engraving on paper Image size 17.5x11.5 cm £10  tinted or untinted . .2 copies

Loch leven from Kinross Smaller very detailed steel Engraving from Provincial Antiquities and Picturesque Scenery of Scotland (1826)by Wm Banks and W H Lizars £8 unmounted.old tint slightly mucky

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