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Original steel engraving with surrounding pics of local life . . . you could tint if wished. Bookplate originates from: 'Verldshistoriskt Album, innehallande Femhundra Teckningar ofver Jordens skilde Lander och Folk'  aka "World History  Album, containing Five Hundred Drawings of  the different countries and people "( published Stockholm, 1857). Size  overall size is ca. 38 x 33 cm.  image size is ca. 31.5 x 27.5 cm.  Unmounted   inc delivery £45 light  marking in the extreme margins sorry re shadow

Cape Blomedown
by Joseph Frederick Walsh Des Barres (1722-1824) from a shhhet of  Five Views of Nova Scotia   published 1 December 1780 Hand   Coloured aquatint ie original colour part of the original folio page RARE  Lettering    below image  on original full page 1: [centre] The Western Cliffs of CAPE DORE. ; below image 2 [centre] A VIEW OF CAPE BAPTIST in the Entrance into the BASON of MINES, bearing W.b N. 2 Miles distant. ; below image 3 [centre] A VIEW of the ENTRANCE into the BASON of MINES, bearing East distant 4 Leagues. ; below image 4: [centre] The ISLE HAUTE, bearing W.N.W. distant 2 Miles. ; below image 5 [centre] CAPE BLOWMEDOWN, open with CAPE SPLIT, bearing E.N.E. 1 League distant. ; below all images: [centre] Publish'd according to Act of Parliament Decem. r 1780 by J.F.W. Des Barres Esq.

Ein Wigwam der Wilden in Canada
Copperplate engraving c 1830 from a German publication  Image size 12.5 x18.5cms. Full page no defects tinted unmounted £15.

Kilborn's Mills, Stanstead, Lower Canada and the United States Settlements,  Joseph Bouchette (1774-1841) was a landowner and militia and naval officer. In addition to completely revamping surveying and mapping in Lower Canada, he produced numerous works attesting to his artistic talent. This painting was copied from an engraving by Bouchette of Kilborn's Mill. Stanstead is located close to the border of Vermont. Lithograph from The British Dominions in North America 1832
Bouchette (Joseph) The British Dominions in North America; or a Topographical and Statistical description of the Provinces of Lower and Upper Canada Full page one mk base right unmounted . £35

General View of Quebec > Copper engraving  by George Cooke,  1781-1834 published  London  by Longman Hurst, Rees & Brown Paternoster  Row, Oct 1, 1812. Full page slight browning to page edgeunmounted . £30 missing

General Burgoyne addressing the Indians at their War Feast in Canada > Burgoyne on horseback to right, accompanied by two officers on foot, talking with three Canadian Indian dignitaries, wearing feathers and tall headdresses, holding spears, others standing in the trees behind to left and sitting beside a fire, with a glimpse of teepees in the background; in a hexagonal frame; illustration from  Lyttleton's 'Modern History of England ...' 1804  'Woodruff Pinxt. / J. Taylor Sculp. / Publish'd as the Act directs Jany. 7: 1804, by J. Stratford No. 112 Holborn Hill. Slight soiling £35 RARE

Baye Ste. Anne ou le Port Dauphin dans l'Isle Royale.

 Copper engraved map  drawn by Bellin engraved by Croisey ( sculp.)  from 'Le Petit Atlas Maritime Recueil De Cartes et Plans Des Quatre Parties Du Monde. en Cinq Volumes. I. Volume. Amerique Septentrionale et Isles Antilles. II. Volume. Amerique Meridionale. Mexique, Terra-Ferme, Bresil, Perou, Chily. III. Volume. Asia et Afrique. IV. Et V. Volumes. Europe et les Etats Qu'elle contient. Par Ordre de M. Le Duc de Choiseul, Colonel General des Suisses et Grisons Ministre de la Guerre et de la Marine. Par le S. Bellin Ingenieur de la Marine 1764. 'Bellin was an important maker of charts for the French Depot de la Marine. He was born in Paris in 1703 and educated as an engineer. He produced many important charts and published them individually and in compilations. The Neptune Francais was published in 1753 and the Hydrographie Francaise in 1756. His largest and most comprehensive work is the Petit Atlas Maritime with 581 charts (our copy has 582, including the rare "Carte Reduite des Decouvertes des Russe Entre L'Asie et L'Amerique.") that cover the coasts and important port cities of the known world. The Petit Atlas Maritime is probably the best compilation of plans of maritime towns and harbors of its time. Bellin died in Versailles in 1772. According to Tooley, Bellin issued an earlier version of this atlas in 1763 titled Petit Atlas Francois. The Duc de Choiseul provided financial support for the publication of the atlas. J. Arrivet is listed as engraver on the chart index pages and may also have engraved the charts themselves.  Size 33 x 26 cm  plus margins £165 inc delivery MINT CONDITION !

Carte des parties Nord et Est de L'Asie qui comprend Les Costes De Russie Asiatique Le Kamschatka, Le Iesso et Les Isles Japon…[insets of Alaska, West, AZ and Conibas] As this focuses on Alaska hidden here  by Denis Diderot / Didier Robert De Vaugondy:  Northeast Passage, from Norway and Spitsberg Island to the Straits of Anian and Cape Schalaginskoy north of Kamschatka, covering the NE Coast of Asia to south of Japan and shows the Bering Straits (Détroit d'Anian) and Hokaido called Jesso. Four  insets of are particular note, being derived by De Vaugondy primarily from the maps of Wytfliet, published in his seminal American Atlas in 1597. Depicted are Anian Regnum (the first, although completely conjectural, separate depiction of what is loosely Alaska and the Canadian Northwest), the Conibas region, which essentially shows the NW Passage and has loosely been described as the first map of the Great Lakes Region, an interesting cross section of Wytfliet's California map focusing on the region from the Gulf of California North to the mythical headwaters of the Gila and Colorado Rivers, and a fictional amalgam of the California Coastline from the same map, with an odd Japan and I de Plata added west of the region covered by Wytfliet.  Drawn 1764 Published 1772  from Diderot's "Encyclopaedia" 95% mint slight creasing to top margin £165 inc delivery

La Parte Occidentale Della Nuova Francia O Canada
 Published 1778 map of the region of  the Ottawa River and Hudson Bay,  from John Mitchell This map is from the Italian edition of John Mitchell's map of the British Colonies in North America. Issued  separately and in Zatta's Atlante Novissimo,one  of 12 sections  of Mitchell's map of North America. Includes  annotations not found on the English edition of  Mitchell. John Mitchell's map of North America was the  most important American map of the 18th Century and is the foundation for virtually all boundary disputes and treaties beginning with the French & Indian War. Drawn from the first available English and Indigenous surveys and includes remarkable detail regarding towns, roads, rivers, mountains etc Original outline colour £165 inc delivery

Johnson’s New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland. and Prince Edward Id.
Published New York, 1864. Sheet (35cm x 46cm), image (32cm x 40cm). Hand-coloured (original colour) engraved map with decorative borders.Map of the maritime regions  prior to Confederation. When Canada was about to be assembled and the United States was nearly divided. £45 inc delivery

Canada West and Upper Canada

  Map lithograph from steel plate engraving  'Canada West Or Upper Canada. (with) two inset maps: Wolf Island At The Commencement Of The River St. Lawrence and Vicinity Of The Welland Canal & Niagara Falls.' Published by J.H. Colton & Co. 172 William St. New York. Entered ... 1855 by J.H. Colton ... New York. No. 6.  from Coltons  Colton's Atlas Of The World, Illustrating Physical And Political Geography. By George W. Colton. Accompanied By Descriptions Geographical, Statistical, And Historical, By Richard Swainson Fisher, M.D. Complete In One Volume. New York: J.H. Colton And Company, No. 172 William, Corner Beekman Street. London: Trubner And Company, No. 12 Paternoster Row. 1856. £55 inc delivery Size 33 x 41 cm

Carte Du Cours Du Fleuve De St. Laurent Depuis son Embouchere jusqu'au dessus de Quebec Map from Prevost's 'Histoire Generale des Voyages. ', depicting the course of the St. Lawrence river from Quebec to the Atlantic.Canada, extending from Anticosti Island to just west of Quebec, centered on the St. Laurence River. Decorative cartouche.
Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772) Size 19.0 x 30.0 cm.fold as issued £105 inc delivery Published 1767/70

North America sheet I. Nova-Scotia with part of New Brunswick and Lower Canada.

Published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Published Decr. 15th. 1832 by Baldwin & Cradock, 47 Paternoster Row, London. (London: Chapman & Hall, 1844) Engraved by J & C Walker. Size  395 x 320. mm £35 inc delivery ( rolled)

Map Of Ontario In Counties. 9. ... 1860, by S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr. ... Pennsylvania. From Mitchell's New General Atlas, Containing Maps Of The Various Countries Of The World, Plans Of Cities, Etc. Embraced In Forty-Seven Quarto Maps, Forming A Series Of Seventy-Six Maps And Plans, Together With Valuable Statistical Tables. Philadelphia: Published By S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr. No. 31 South Sixth Street. 1860. Entered ... 1860, by S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr. ... Pennsylvania. This atlas was published by Mitchell's son, and replaced the New Universal Atlas. It was published until 1893. Ristow states that Mitchell Senior retired in 1860 and left the publishing business to his son .Area by county covering the area to the north of the  Lakes Ontario etc . Includes Lake Erie, Lake Huron,  and Lake Ontario regions Size 34 x 28 cm £40 inc delivery

Ontario (Canada West). Bacon 1895 SIZE: Approx 32.0 x 45.5cm, Lithographed map from New Complete Atlas of the World"; Published by George W. Bacon, London. £20 folds as issued minor creasing to spine from printed will press

CANADA WEST & PART OF CANADA EAST" INSET MAP OF MONTREAL. "Canada, West Sheet, Containing the Province of Ontario and prt of Quebec" by J.W.Lowry, published in The Imperial Atlas of Modern Geography, 1872. Lithographic antique map, with original outline hand colouring. Inset map of the Montreal area. Centrefold as published. Size 50 x 34 cms plus good margins Published by Blackie £25


East Canada & New Brunswick: 1852

Antique Steel Engraved Map Published 1852 by John Tallis, London & New York for “The Universal Pronouncing Dictionary, and General Expositor of the English Language” by Thomas Wright. Drawn & Engraved by J. Rapkin. Centre fold as published.  Map of New Brunswick and a portion of Quebec extending east to Montreal with inset engraving of Native Americans.. Hurons? and Quebec bay  £45 inc delivery

The falls of Niagara in Canada

by Metz From William Frederick Martyn's Geography. London: Harrison & Co., April 1, 1783. 5 x 6 3/4. Engraving by James Heath £20 scarce view showing native guides


steel engraving from Picturesque America. A Pictorial Delineation of The Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Forests, Waterfalls, Shores, Cañons, Valleys, Cities and Other Picturesque Features of the North American Continent.With Illustrations on Steel and Wood by the Most Eminent Artists. Published by Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co, London - 1872/4 mounted matted tinted £25 x 2

untinted £20 x 3

A distant View of the Falls of Niagara

hand tinted engraving by Fenner. from John H. Hinton's The History and Topography of the United States of North America. London: Jennings & Chaplin & J.T. Hinton, 1830-32. Steel engravings by Fenner, Sears & Co..Hinton used many different artists, all the engravings being made from drawings made on the spot unmounted £15. .

Engraving by S Davenport London Published by Thomas Kelly 17 Paternoster Row . engraved by S.Davenport, published in New and Universal English Dictionary, 1837/43. Steel engraved  antique print £20 unmounted. Copper engraved print with . Size 20 x 16 cms including text full borders. Hand tinted £25 a stunning view for once

1er Quartier D´Hiver De Franklin à L´Ile Beechy

Canada. Original steel engraving drawn by E. Auber. 1859.Published by Dufour, Mulat et Boulanger Imp. Gilquin et Dupain, r. de la Calandre, 19, Paris. 14,5x9,5cm. RARE. . . others on the polar pages due to lack of specific geography x 3  £15 unmounted

Chute du Niagara
By Chaillot. Full page light foxing to edge mounted £8

Peninsola Canada /Felix Hafen von Boothia

Antique copper engraving  from a part work c 1770 similar to (London, Alex. Hogg, c. 1786). 6 3/4 x 9 1/4 inches, close cut to bottom edge £10


View of the Port of Buffalo on Lake Erie
Engraving   produced and published  by Gavit & Duthie. Shows scene of the Port of Buffalo on Lake Erie Size  9.5 x 17.0cm. From "The Documentary History of the State of New-York"; by E.B. O'Callaghan, Published by Weed, Parsons & Co., London. £15 unmounted  x2 

Niagara Falls
from Meyers Universum/"Universum Or Views Of The Most Remarkable Places And Objects Of All Countries", published Institut in Hidlburghausen steel engraving dated 1859. 13,5x10cm. plus margins with full plate mark. £15 unmounted

 Quebec in canada
from Meyers Universum/"Universum Or Views Of The Most Remarkable Places And Objects Of All Countries", published Institut in Hidlburghausen steel engraving dated 1859. 13,5x10cm. plus margins with full plate mark. £15 unmounted x 5

Chute du Niagara
By Gilbert. Full page tinted  mounted £15

Quebec / Montreal
engraved  two  images to a page prints from Carl Mayers Kunst-Anstalt / Kunstanstaltä in Nürnberg /Carl Mayers Nuremberg Art Institute . Image Size 10.7 x 15.2 cm Most engravings done to artwork by Fritz Bamberger Stunning quality  £18 unmounted

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