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Francis Grose data.

Francis Grose Source/Data Page

 Francis Grose by John Kay
Francis Grose (1731 - 1791), was an antiquary and lexicographer.GROSE, Francis, an eminent English antiquary, was the son of Mr. Francis Grose, of Richmond, jeweller, who died in 1769. He was born in 1731, and having a taste for heraldry and antiquities, his father procured him a place in the college of arms, which, however, he resigned in 1763. By his father he was left an independent fortune, which he was not of a disposition to add to or even to preserve. He early entered into the Surrey militia, of which he became adjutant and paymaster; but so much had dissipation taken possession of him, that in a situation which above all others required attention, he was so careless as to have for some time (as he used pleasantly to tell) only two books of accounts, viz. his right and left pockets. In the one he received, and from the other paid; and this too with a want of circumspection which may be readily supposed from such a mode of book-keeping. His losses on this occasion roused his latent talents: with a good classical education he united a fine taste for drawing, which he now began to cultivate; and encouraged by his friends, he undertook the work from which he derived both profit and reputation: his Views of Antiquities in England and Wales, which he first began to publish in numbers in 1773, and finished in 1776.To this he was not excited by the hope of emolument ; for he made a free gift to his printer, Mr. Samuel Hooper, of the drawings for TA« Antiquities of England and Wales.But it should not be forgotten, that the great success of this work enabled Mr. Hooper, with unparalleled generosity, to present Mrs. Grose with a bank note for £800. The next year he added two more volumes to his English views, in which he included the islands of Guernsey and Jersey, which were completed in 1787. ( 1779 Masstr Samuel Hooper was at this time enrolled in the list of Bankrupts;but the natural good temper of Captain Grose soon induced him to continue his accustomed friendship, which ended only with life ). This work, which was executed with accuracy and elegance, soon became a favourite with the public at large, as well as with professed antiquaries, from the neatness of the embellishments, and the succinct manner in which he conveyed his information, and therefore answered his most sanguine expectations; and, from the time he began it to the end of his life, he continued without intermission to publish various works, generally to th advantage of his literary reputation, and almost always to the benefit of his finances. His wit and good-humour were the abundant source of satisfaction to himself and entertainment to his friends. He visited almost every part of the kingdom, and was a welcome guest wherever he went. In the summer of 1789 he set out on a tour in Scotland; the result of which he began to communicate to the public in 1790, in numbers. Before he had concluded this work, he proceeded to Ireland, intending to furnish that kingdom with views and descriptions of her antiquities, in the same manner he had executed those of Great Britain; but soon after his arrival in Dublin, being at the house of Mr. Hone there, he suddenly was seized at table with an apoplectic fit, on the 6th May 1791, and died immediately. He was interred in Dublin. (from "The General Biographical Dictionary" by Alexander Chalmers, F.S.A., 1814)

. . . . . ."Hope of profit, therefore, may not have prompted the publication of Grose's The Antiquities of England and Wales. This work published engravings, much smaller than, but similar in character to, the Bucks' Views (1726&endash;42), generally panoramas of medieval structures intended to convey the maximum information, rather than interesting compositions or illustrations of details. Grose's novelty was to publish text with the views. His purpose, stated in the introduction, was popular, 'for the use of such as are desirous of having, without much trouble, a general knowledge of the subjects treated in this publication', and a similar motive guided his contributions to the periodical Antiquarian Repertory (1775&endash;86). The first part of the Antiquities appeared in February or March 1772, with each view and its descriptive text on a separate page. Periodically a title-page and introduction were issued to signal completion of a volume... Grose gave up the large house in Wandsworth for lodgings at Clement's Inn, just west of the City of London (first taken in 1771), and then nearby with his publisher Samuel Hooper, now being a regular and genial participant in the Society of Antiquaries, to which he had been elected in 1757. The sympathetic sketch by Nathaniel Dance engraved in 1787 shows the stocky, corpulent figure which Grose himself caricatured. From 1783 he published in a torrent to make a living. The Supplement to the Antiquities was resumed, with a greater proportion of views from other artists, particularly S. H. Grimm, and was completed with 309 plates in 1787. This and the main series were reissued in a cheaper edition in 1783&endash;7... Grose must have exhausted for publication the stock of sketches and notes which he had accumulated over forty years. He returned to viewing monuments of antiquity, even though (as he said in a volume of satirical essays, The Grumbler, 1791) he was too fat to ride a horse and too poor to keep a carriage. The Antiquities of Scotland was compiled with tours in 1788, 1789, and 1790 and publication was completed in April 1791. On his second tour, in summer 1789, he met Robert Burns and the two became firm friends. He became the subject of some witty verses by Burns, who was inspired by Grose to write 'Tam o' Shanter' to accompany a drawing of Alloway kirk printed in The Antiquities of Scotland. Work began on The Antiquities of Ireland in 1790, but on his next visit, on 12 May 1791, he died suddenly of an apoplectic fit at Horace Hone's house in Dame Street, Dublin, and was buried on 18 May 1791 at Drumcondra church, co. Meath. His nephew Daniel and Dr Edward Ledwich completed the project in 1796. His library and drawings were dispersed at auction." Oxford DNB

Original engravings created by Samuel Sparrow for Francis Grose's "The Antiquities of England and Wales". Then published by Samuel Hooper, Ludgate Hill, London Early  part work editions published/sold with Alexander, HOGG,  bookseller, London 1771-1824: 16, King's Arms, Paternoster Row c1778-1819; 81, Mark Lane 1820-1824. Trading: as Alexander Hogg c1778-1805; as Alexander Hogg and Co. 1806-1810; as Hogg and Co. 1811-1824. Livery Wheelwrights' Co. by 1792. Formerly journeyman to John Cooke some of whose copies he took over. Succ. C. Johnson as publisher of Wonderful Magazine. Publ. New London Magazine 1785-92. Prominent as a publisher of widely advertised works in weekly numbers known as 'Paternoster Row numbers'.

His works are-

1. The Antiquities of England and Wales, Being a Collection of Views of the Most remarkable Ruins and antient Buildings, Accurately drawn on the spot. To each view is added An Historical Accounf of its Situation, when and by whom built, with every interesting Circumstance relating thereto. Collected from the best authorities.(1773-87) in total 1136 engraved plates and half-page county maps, London, Printed by C. Clarke, for S. Hooper, No. 212 High Holborn, opposite Southampton Street, Bloomsbury Square, M.DCC.LXXXIII [1783]There are some 640 engraved views and plans. These COPPER PLATE views were mostly engraved by Sparrow and Godfrey. All were issued uncoloured.It was a HUGE work, containing up to 57 MAPS of the English and Welsh Counties. The maps were those of John SELLER who had died in 1697. The original John SELLER maps are really quite scarce, although the GROSE/SELLER maps are comparatively more common. The Grose/Seller maps had  interesting historical notes and text added below the map & this text was continued verso.

The images were also issued as The Antiquarian Repertory, plus  as the Antiquities of England & Wales volume (1776) the difference being the title in larger type under the image and the written history to the page. the ones from later post 1787 'Antiquities' are on a single clear backed page. The list is now complete  the list is a reasonably accurate portrayal of the places in mid Georgian times also the dates of the artwork show how long the series was in basic production. Ros King

  This list includes Name of Abbey, Castle, Priory, Ruin  etc , Elevation, Date also drawn by S & N Buck .Artist if not Sparrow or Hooper. The standard engraver was Godfrey as cheap and quick !

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Bedford Bridge  Plate 1 (N.E elevation)   (engraved by)  Richard Godfrey 1761
Bedford Bridge  Plate 2  E Godfrey 1760

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Bustlesham or Bysham Monastery  T. Forrest Esq , Godfrey 1760
Donnington castle NW  Godfrey 1768    N 1737
Donnington castle Plan with a View of gateway Smith  NE 1732
St Georges Chapel Windsor  T.Sandby  Godfrey
Reading Abbey Plate 1  P.Sandby  Godfrey 1762
Reading Abbey Plate 2  S  Godfrey 1759

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Stivecle or Stukeley Church  Godfrey

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Cambridge castle  SE  1769   Godfrey   NE 1730
Cambridge castle Plan & Birds Eye View   Smith

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Beeston Castle  plate 1  SW  Hamilton   Benjamin Thomas Pouncy  1760  S  1728
Beeston Castle plate 2  S  P.Sandby Godfrey 1773
Birkehedde Priory  (Birkenhead Priory)  Godfrey 1770  SW 1728
Chester Castle plate 1  Drawaza  1770  NW 1728
Chester Castle plate 2  SE  Godfrey 1769
Chester Bridge  Godfrey 1770
Chester New or Water Tower  Godfrey 1770

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Monastery of  St Bees NW  Samuel Turner Sparrow (fl.1770-1810)  1774 SE 1739
Carlisle castle  NE  Sparrow 1774   NW 1739
Carlisle castle Plan Of
Cockermouth Castle plate 1 NE  Daniel Lerpiniere (circa 1745-1785) 1774  NW 1739
Cockermouth Castle plate 2 Sparrow 1774
Lanecrost Priory  plate 1 NE  Sparrow 1774 NE/SE 1739
Lanecrost Priory  plate 2  W  Sparrow 1774
Naworth Castle plate 1  Lerpiniere  E 1739
Naworth Castle plate 2 M Griffith  Sparrow 1772
Penrith Castle plate 1 NW  Pye 1774 N 1739
Penrith Castle plan of

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Beauchief or Beechiff Priory  SW P.Sandby Godfrey  SW 1728

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Ford Abbey N  Mr Richards Sparrow 1752 SW 1735
Oakhampton Castle  Mr Richards Lerpiniere 1768 SW 1735
Rougemont Castle near Exeter Sparrow 1768

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Corfe castle in the isle of Purbeck plate 1 W Mr Richards Canot
Corfe castle in the isle of Purbeck plate 2 S Mr Richards Godfrey  S 1734
Corfe castle Plan
Sandford or Weymouth castle NW Hall m N 1733
Vicar's House or Chapel Portland Godfrey

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Bernard's Castle (Barnard's Castle) SW Mr Bayley Godfrey 1775
Bernard's Castle plan of
Durham Castle  Sparrow
Durham Cathedra; Front to vol 3 NW Sparrow 1773
Durham Castle Plan of
Finchale Priory J.Bullman Sparrow 1774 W 1728
Goathead or Gateshide Monastery ( Gateshead) Godfrey 1773
Jarrow or Gwywi Monastery Sparrow 1773 SW 1729
Raby Castle  plate 1  Mr Bayley Godfrey 1774 SE 1728
Raby Castle  plate 2 Mr Bayley Sparrow 1774 SE 1728
Raby Castle  plan of Mr Bayley
Whitton castle Godfrey 1774

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
St Botolph's Priory Colchester Plate 1 NW Godfrey 1767
St Botolph's Priory Colchester Plate 2 SE Sparrow 1772
Colchester Castle NW  Drawaza 1772 NE 1738
Colchester Castle Plan of Sparrow
Hadley Castle  Lerpiniere 1763 N 1738
St Mary Magdalen's Church Colchester SW Sparrow 1762
Netherhall Gateway Plate 1  Smith 1769
Netherhall Gateway Plate 2 Sparrow 1772
Stratford Langthorne Abbey at Bogh Sparrow 1758

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
St Briavel's Castle NW  Sparrow 1775  E 1738
Lanthony Priory  Plate 1  Roberts  1775
Lanthony Priory  Plate 2  Record  1775
Thornbury Castle Sparrow 1763 S 1732

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
 Isle of Wight
Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Hampshire+ Isle of Wight
Carisbrooke Castle Isle of Wight Plate 1 NW  Sparrow 1772 N 1734
Carisbrooke Castle Isle of Wight Plate 2  SE  Godfrey 1772
Carisbrooke Castle Isle of Wight Plate 3 ( in addenda) NW Sparrow 1772
Cowes West Castle NE  Ellis 1761 W 1733
St Dionisius Priory W  Godfrey 1773
Holy Ghost Chapel SE Godfrey 1760
Hurst Castle  Godfrey 1761 E 1734
Netley Abbey Plate 1 NE  Godfrey 1761 N 1733
Netley Abbey Plate 2  G,Godfrey 1760 N 1733
Netley Abbey Abbots Kitchen  Sparrow 1772
Odiham castle  NW Godfrey 1761
Porchester Castle Godfrey 1761 NW 1773
Southampton Water Gate Lerpiniere 1772
Southampton East Gate  Godfrey 1772
Southampton South Gate & Tower SW Godfrey 1772
Titchfield House Godfrey 1761 SE 1774
Bishop of Winchester's House Waltham p1W Lerpiniere 1761
Bishop of Winchester's House Waltham p2 E Lerpiniere 1761

Cathedral Church Frontespiece Vol 4 Sparrow 1775
Cathedral Church Plan
Chapter House Hereford Sparrow 1775
Chapter House Hereford Plan
Goodrich castle Plate 1  Lerpiniere 1775 SE 1732
Goodrich castle Plate 2  Sparrow 1775
House of Black Friars Plate 1 Lerpiniere 1775
House of Black Friars Plate 2  Lerpiniere 1775

Hertford Castle Plate 1 SW Sparrow 1769
Hertford Castle Plate 2 S Sparrow 1772

Allington castle  Sparrow 1760
Archbishop's Palace Great Hall. Canterbury Canot 1769
Arches in the City wall Canterbury  Morris 1765
St Augustine's Monastery Canterbury p1 N Godfrey 1758 SW 1735
St Augustine's Monastery Canterbury p2 SW Godfrey 1759
St Augustine's Monastery Canterbury Plan
Barfreston Church ( Preface) E  Dent & Innes
Barfreston Church  Door ( Preface)  Jukes
Bradsole /St Radigund's Abbey Mason 1761
Canterbury Castle NE Ellis 1761
Canterbury Castle Plan
Canterbury Cathedral Frontisp Vol 2 SE Sparrow
Chiding Stone Sparrow 1768
Chilham CastlemS Sparrow 1773
St Mary & All Saints College, Maidstone NW Godfrey 1760
Cowling Castle Plate 1 S Sparrow 1759 S.1736
Cowling Castle  Gate Plate 2 N Sparrow 1759
Dartford Priory NE Godfrey 1759
Davyngton Priory, faversham NW Godfrey 1758
Dover Castle Plate 1 W Godfrey 1762 W  1735
Dover Castle Plate 2 N Godfrey 1762  N. 1735
Faversham Abbey Plate 1  Sparrow 1756 N  1735
Faversham Abbey  North Gate Plate 2 S Pouncey 1758
Halling House SE Godfrey 1759
Kets Coity House E Godfrey 1760
Leeds castle Godfrey 1762 N  1736
Leibourn Castle Plate 1  Godfrey 1750
Leibourn Castle Plate 2  Godfrey 1759
Lyme castle Godfrey 1772
St Martin's priory on the Newarke Plate 1 S Ellis  1760
St Martin's priory on the Newarke Plate 2  Morris
Minster Monastery isle of Sheppey Morris 1759
More's Bulwark Dover  Pouncey 1762
Old Church Dover castle  Morris 1758 NW 1735
Ostenhanger / Westenhanger House Pl 1 Godfrey 1773
Ostenhanger / Westenhanger House Pl 2 Morris 1773
St Pancrace's Chapel in St Augustine's Monastery Canterbury Sparrow 1775
Rochester Castle Plate 1 Lerpiniere 1761 NW 1736
Rochester Castle Plate 2 Godfrey 1759 SE 1736
Rochester Castle Plan  Godfrey 1759
Saltwood castle Lerpiniere 1773
Stranger's Hall Entrance into Christ's Church Monastery Canterbury ( Pref) Sparrow 1760
West Gate Canterbury Peake1749
West Malling Sparrow 1760
Windcheap Gate Canterbury Drawaza 1755

Clithero castle M Griffith  Lerpiniere 1772 S 1727
Kertmel /Cartmele Priory NE  Godfrey 1772  SE 1727

Ashby de la Zouche Castle Plate 1 Tho Sandby Sparrow 1759 S 1731
Ashby de la Zouche Castle Plate 2 Tho Sandby Godfrey 1759

Newport's Gate Lincoln  S Godfrey 1773

Christ's Hospital London Plate 1 Mr B Green Record
Christ's Hospital London Plate 2 Mr B Green Record
Ely House London Plate 1 NE Godfrey 1772
Ely House London Plate 2 SW Dent 1772
Ely House London Plan
Hampton Court Sparrow 1770

Abergavenny Castle Plate 1 E Sparrow 1775
Abergavenny Castle Plate 2 S Lerpiniere 1775
Chepstowe Castle  Mr Richards Sparrow 1762  NE 1733
Newport Castle or New castle Upon Uske  E  Sparrow 1775  E 1732
Tintern Abbey Plate 1 Mr Eyre jun Sparrow 1773  NE 1732
Tintern Abbey Plate 2 NW Sparrow 1773

Castle Acre castle Plate 1 Sparrow 1772
Castle Acre castle North gate Plate 2 NE Mr Hearne Ellis 1771 E 1738
Castle Acre /Estacre Monastery Plate 1 SE Mr Woollet Ellis 1771
Castle Acre /Estacre Monastery Plate 2 SW Mr Woollet Ellis 1771
Castre or Castor hall Plate 1 E  Sparrow 1775
Castre or Castor hall Plate 2 NE  Sparrow 1775
Norwich Castle Lerpiniere 1775

Boughton or Buckton Church SE Sparrow 1762
St Sepulchres Church SE  Godfrey 1762


Alnwick Abbey gate / Gate House E Sparrow 1773
Alnwick Castle Plate 1 Godfrey 1773
Alnwick Castle Plate 2 Godfrey 1773
Alnwick Castle Plate 3 Godfrey 1773
Bamborough Castle Plate 1 NW Lerpiniere 1773 SW 1728
Bamborough Castle Plate 2 S Sparrow 1773
Bothall Castle Plate 1 S Sparrow 1773 N 1729
Bothall Castle Plate 1 N Godfrey 1773
Brinkburn Priory  N  Godfrey 1773 SW 1728
Dunstanbrough Castle SW Lerpiniere 1773 SW 1729
Blackfriars Newcastle Godfrey 1773
Cockle park Tower Godfrey 1773
Hermitage nr Warkworth  Job Bullman  Godfrey 1774
Hermitage nr Warkworth Plan Sparrow 1774
Holy Island Castle Sparrow 1773
Hulne Abbey Plate 1 S Lerpiniere 1774
Hulne Abbey Plate 2  Pye 1774
Hulne Abbey Plate 3 Sparrow 1774
Hulne Abbey Plan  Smith
Lindisfarne or Holy Island Monastery pl 1 SE  Smith1773 S 1729
Lindisfarne or Holy Island Monastery pl 2N Godfrey 1773
Lindisfarne or Holy Island Monastery pl 3 NE Sparrow 1773
Morpeth Castle Gate House  NW Morris 1773
Mitford Castle Godfrey 1773
Monks Stone Tynemouth  Sparrow 1773
Newcastle Castle Sparrow 1768
Norham Castle Davidson Esq Sparrow 1773  SE 1728
Our Lady's Chapel Nr Bothall SW  Lerpiniere 1772 S 1728
Prudhow Priory and Castle Davidson Esq Lerpiniere 1773 N 1729
Tynemouth Priory & Castle Plate 1 NW Sparrow 1773
Tynemouth Priory & Castle Plate 2 N Drawaza 1773
Tynemouth Priory & Castle Plate 3 NE Godfrey 1773
Twizell Castle & Bridge S Davidson Esq Godfrey 1768
Warkworth Castle Plate 1N Sparrow 1773
Warkworth Castle Plate 2 Sparrow 1773
Warkworth Castle Plan  Sparrow


 Friar Bacon's Study Lerpiniere 1774
Banbury Church Godfrey 1757
Beaumont Place Sparrow 1774
Godstow Nunnery SE Godfrey 1761 W 1729
Minster Lovell Priory NE Lerpiniere 1775 N 1729
Oxford Castle & Plan S Godfrey 1751 N  1730
Stanton Harcourt Old Kitchen Lord Nuneham Godfrey 1760
Stanton Harcourt Chapel Godfrey 1760

Bildewa's Abbey /Bildewas SW Godfrey 1767
Burgh /Brugge or Bridgenorth Castle SW Sparrow 1774
Hales Owen Castle Plate 1  Mr B Green Sparrow 1774 E 1731
Ludlow Castle Plate 1 NE P Sandby esq Pye 1774 NW 1732
Ludlow Castle Plan P Sandby esq
Wenlock Monastery SE P Sandby esq Sparrow 1771 SW 1732


Abbot's Kitchen Glastonbury Mr Richards Sparrow 1753
Burrough Chapel SW Capt H Rugge Sparrow 1762
Cleve Abbey Mr Richards Sparrow 1754
Farley castle Plate 1 Mr Eyre Sparrow 1774 N 1734
Farley castle Plate 2 Mr Eyre Sparrow 1774
Glastonbury Abbey Plate 1 E Mr Richards Lerpiniere 1756 S 1737
Glastonbury Abbey Chapel of St Joseph Mr Richards Godfrey 1756


Caverswall castle  M Griffith Lerpiniere
Dudley Castle Plate 1 N Godfrey 1774 S 1731
Dudley Castle Plate 2 S Lerpiniere 1774 
Tixall Manor House Gate M Griffith Sparrow 1772


All Saints Church Dunwich SW Watts 1775
Alderton Church SE Godfrey 1769
Arwerton Hall Gate SE Godfrey 1769
Bliburgh /Blythburrow Priory
SE P Sandby Ellis 1770
Burgh or Cnobersburg Castle SE  Godfrey 1775 S 1738
Burgh or Cnobersburg Castle Plan Smith
Butley Priory  Record
Framlingham Castle Plate 1 Hall  1769 W 1738
Framlingham Castle Plate 2 E  Godfrey 1769
Leystone Abbey S  Godfrey 1769
St Matthews or West gate Ipswich W Sparrow 1775 E 1738
Orford Castle E Godfrey 1769 W 1738
Orford Castle Plan
Orford Chapel SE  Sparrow 1775
Cardinal Wolseys College Gate Ipswich  S Drawazwa 1772
Winchelsea Castle  Godfrey

Ancient Crypt Guildford
Bermondsey Abbey gate  Godfrey 1756
Catherine Hill Chapel Guildford NW Peake
Croydon Church SW Godfrey 1770
Croydon Palace  Godfrey 1769
Farnham Castle Plate 1 SE Godfrey 1761 N 1737
Farnham Castle Plate 2 E Godfrey 1761
Guildford Castle SE Godfrey 1763 NW 1737
Lambeth Palace Plate 1 Hall 1773
Lambeth Palace Plate 2 NE Sparrow 1773 NW 1737
Lambeth Palace Plate3 N Sparrow 1775
Martha's Hill Guildford Godfrey 1763
Mother Ludlum's Hole Guildford Godfrey 1716 SE 1737
Newark Priory W Godfrey 1760
Quarry Hole  Guildford Plan
Waverley Abbey Plate 1 Godfrey 1760
Waverley Abbey Plate 2 Sparrow 1766

Battle Abbey Plate 1 SW Godfrey 1761 SW 1737
Battle Abbey Plate 2 Godfrey 1762
Boxgrave Priory Sparrow 1761 NW 1737
Brighthelmstone Blockhouse Godfrey 1761
Bramber Castle Sparrow 1760
Bramborough or Bramber Church Godfrey 1761
Begeham or Beyham Abbey Godfrey 1760 N 1737
Grey Friars Monastery Winchelsea NW Sparrow 1761
Hastings Castle Plate 1 W Godfrey 1760
Hastings Castle Plate 2 NW Godfrey 1759
Hastings Castle Plan  Canot
St James Hospital Lewes SE Peake 1761
St James Hospital Lewes Plan
St Johns Church Sub Castro nr Lewes Maj Rooke Godfrey
Knap Castle Lerpiniere 1775
Lewes Priory Plate 1  Sparrow 1761 S 1737
Lewes Priory Plate 2  S Godfrey 1761
Lewes Castle Plate 1 W Lerpiniere
Lewes Castle Plan
Pevensey castle Plate 1  Sparrow 1760
Pevensey castle Plate 2 Godfrey 1760 NE+SE 1737
Winchelsea Castle Plate 1 Godfrey 1761 W 1737
Winchelsea Castle Plate 2 Godfrey 1760

Kenelworth Castle / Kenilworth Plate 1 Lerpiniere 1771 E 1730
Kenelworth Castle / Kenilworth Plate 2 Godfrey 1774
Kenelworth Castle / Kenilworth Plan E
Kenelworth Priory / Kenilworth Priory SE Godfrey 1774 E 1730
Warwick castle SW  Canaletti Godfrey 1747
Westmoreland Brougham castle Godfrey 1774
Brough Castle Mr J Bailey Sparrow 1774
Heppe or Shap Monastery M Griffith Godfrey 1773

Lutgershall Castle /Ludgershall Godfrey 1765
Stonehenge Godfrey 1775


Abbot's Towere Evesham SE Val Green Sparrow 1774
Dudley Priory Plate 1 SSE Sparrow 1774 SW 1731
Dudley Priory Plate 2  SW Lerpiniere 1772
Edgar's Tower Worcester SE P Sandby Godfrey 1774
Evesham Abbey Val Green Sparrow 1774

St Agatha's Monastery Richmond Pl 1 P Sandby Ellis 1752
St Agatha's Monastery Richmond Pl 2 S  P Sandby Sparrow 1760
Aysgarth Bridge Sparrow 1773
Bolton Castle Plate 1 SE P Sandby Sparrow 1752
Bolton Castle Plate 2 NE Mazel
Bolton Castle Plan
Bolton priory in Craven SE P Sandby Godfrey 1752 SE 1726
Bowes Castle Godfrey 1774
Bowes Castle Plan
Coverham Abbey in Coverdale Plate 1 P Sandby Ellis 1752
Coverham Abbey in Coverdale Plate 2 Godfrey 1773
Coniingsburgh Castle M Griffith Sparrow 1770 S 1725
Eskdale Chapel S Godfrey 1774
Fountain's Abbey Plate 1 SW Mr Dall Sparrow 1767 S 1726
Fountain's Abbey Plate 2 NE Mr Dall Sparrow 1767
Fountain's Abbey Plan
Giseburn or Gysburgh Priory Plate 1 W Godfrey 1774
Giseburn or Gysburgh Priory Plate 2 E Godfrey
Grey Friars Monastery Richmond SE Godfrey 1775
Hovedene or Howden Church W Sparrow 1770
Joreval / Jervaux  /Gervais Abbey Sparrow 1776
Kirkstall Abbey Plate 1 E Lerpiniere 1773 S 1723
Kirkstall Abbey Plate 2 SW Sparrow 1773
Kirkstall Abbey Plate 3  SE Picot 1773
Kirkstall Abbey Plan
Middleham Castle Plate 1  P Sandby Godfrey 1760
Middleham Castle Plate 2 Godfrey 1773
Middleham Castle Plan
St Martin's Monastery Richmond NW J Baileym,Godfrey 1775 S 1721
St Martin's Monastery Richmond Plan
Pickering Castle Lerpiniere 1774
Roch Abbey / Roach SW P Sandby Godfrey 1763 W 1725
Richmond castle SE P Sandby Lerpiniere 1763 W 1721
Skipton Castle M Griffith Godfrey 1770
Whitby Abbey Plate 1 S M Griffith Godfrey 1772
Whitby Abbey Plate 2 SW Sparrow 1774
Winshaw or Winsley Church & Bridge NW Lerpiniere 1775 N 1171
Wressel castle SW Lerpiniere 1774  York Bridge and the Ouse Mr Marlow Peake 1760
WALES Monmouth also above in England
Beaumaris Castle Great hall Sparrow 1774 N + SE 1742
Beaumaris Castle North wales S Pye 1774 S 1741
Holy Head Collegiate Church Godfrey 1769

Aberconway castle SW Godfrey 1770 SE 1741
Caernarvon Castle North Wall Plate 1 NW P.Sandby Godfrey 1773 NW/NE/SE/ 1742
Caernarvon Castle  Plate 2 E P.Sandby Godfrey 1773
Conway Castle  Plate 1 Godfrey
Conway Castle  Inside Plate 2 Godfrey 1774

Kidwelly Castle P.Sandby Godfrey 1771

Valle Crucis Abbey P.Sandby

Bachegrig House M Griffith Godfrey 1770
Basingwerk Monastery North Wales Sparrow 1774 NW 1742
Flint Castle SE Roberts 1774 SE 1742
Flint Castle Plan
Hawarden Castle Mr Richards Godfrey 1760
Rhudland Castle Sparrow 1769 SW 1741
St Winifred's Well Holywell NE Godfrey 1770 NE 1741

Bishop's palace Llandaff
Caerphilly or Sengenneth Castle Pl1 P.Sandby Sparrow 1774 NE 1740
Caerphilly or Sengenneth Castle Pl2  P.Sandby Godfrey 1773
Cardiff Castle Keep S Sparrow 1775 NE 1741
Cardiff Castle Tower N Mazell 1775
Cardiff  or Caertoph Castle  SE Sparrow 1775
Coity Castle P.Sandby Sparrow 1772 S 1740
St Donat's or Denwit's Castle Plate 1 N P.Sandby Sparrow 1770 NW 1740
St Donat's or Denwit's Castle Plate 2 NW P.Sandby Lerpiniere 1775
Dunraven House Plate 1 NW P.Sandby Watts 1775
Dunraven House Plate 2 E Lerpiniere 1775
Bishop of Llandaff's castle Godfrey 1775
Ogmore Castle Godfrey 1773 NW 1741
Watch Tower nr St Donat's Castle SE Godfrey 1775
Wenny or Ewenny Priory N Watts 1775 SW 1740

Powis Castle Marlow Godfrey 1761 SE 1741

Carew Castle P.Sandby Godfrey 1774
Cilgarron Castle P.Sandby Godfrey 1772
St David's College W P.Sandby Sparrow 1773
Haverfordwest Castle & Bridge P.Sandby Sparrow 1773
Hubberstone Priory Picot 1771
Llanfeth or Llantphey Court P.Sandby Sparrow 1770
Mannorbeer Castle P.Sandby Godfrey 1770

Lundy Isle of
Lundy Castle Plate 1 W Mr Cozens Lerpiniere 1775
Lundy Castle Plate 2 Mr Cozens Sparrow 1775
Lundy Castle Plan Mr Newton

Man isle Of
St Germain's  Cathedral in Peele Castle NW Godfrey 1774
St Germain's  Cathedral in Peele Plan
St Patrick's Church Peele Castle NE Godfrey 1774
Peele Castle S Lerpiniere 1774
Rhuthin Castle Plate 1 NE Godfrey 1774
Rhuthin Castle Plate 2 Lerpiniere 1774
Rhuthin Abbey at Ballansalley Sparrow 1774

Supplement 1
VOLUME V . . list as in 1787 edition
Uk Map of all sites drawn/shown

 Map  originally published by Seller  1694  all with original  outline colour
Dunstable Priory Plate 1 Sparrow 1787 NW 1730
Dunstable Priory Plate 2 Newton 1787
Dunstable Priory Gate  1787
Luton Tower P.Sandby Sparrow

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Burnham Abbey Plate 1 Mr J More Sparrow W 1730
Burnham Abbey Plate 2 Mr J More Sparrow
Medenham or Madenham Abbey S Ireland Newton 1786

 Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Pythagora's School Sparrow 1777 SW 1730

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Arwenacke House Sparrow 1786
Fowey Town , Haven & Castles Plate 1 N Newton 1786
Fowey Town , Haven & Castles Plate 2 SW Sparrow 1786 SE 1734
Fowey Outer St Catherines Castle Pl 1 N Newton 1786
Fowey Outer St Catherines Castle Pl 2 E Newton 1786
St Germains Priory Plate 1  Mr Payne Sparrow 1787 SW 1734
St Germains Priory Plate 2 Miss Elliot Sparrow 1787
Port Elliot & St Germains Mr Payne Sparrow 1787
Launceston Castle Plate 1 N Newton 1786 W 1734
Launceston Castle Plate 2 Newton 1786
St Michaels Mount Plate 1 N Newton 1786
St Michaels Mount Plate 2 N Newton 1786 N & E  1734
St Michaels Mount Plate 3 E Newton 1786
St Michaels Mount Plate 4 W Newton 1786
St Michaels Mount Chapel S Newton 1786
St Michaels Mount Inside E Sparrow 1786
St Michaels Mount Old Fort Newton 1786
St Michaels Mount & Mounts Bay E Newton 1786
Pendennis Castle Newton 1786 NE 1734
Pengersick Castle Newton 1786 E 1734
Restormel Castle Plate 1 W Sparrow 1786
Restormel Castle Plate 2 E Sparrow 1786 W 1734
Trematon castle Mr Payne Sparrow 1787 NW 1734

 Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Bolsover Castle Mr Grimm Sparrow 1778 W & NE 1727

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Plymouth Fort or Garrison Newton 1768

 Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Corfe castle King's Tower E Newton 1781
John of Gaunt's Kitchen /Great Canford Sparrow 1785
Pomery or Poundbury Camp Dorchester E Newton 1759
Portland Old Castle Sparrow 1756
Roman Amphitheatre nr Dorchester Newton 1755
Winburne,Twinborn,Wymburn Minster Sparrow 1784

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Beaurepaire or Bear park Mr S Grimm Lerpiniere 1778 SW 1728
Beaurepaire or Bear Chapel N Mr S Grimm  1778
Branspeth Castle Mr Bailey Sparrow 1775
Gretham Hospital Mr S Grimm Sparrow 1778
Monks Weremouth / Wearmouth Mr S Grimm Newton 1779

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Little Dunmow Priory Church SW Sparrow 1775
Eastbury House SW Mr Forster  Sparrow 1777
Latton Priory Mr Forster Sparrow 1776
Plashey Castle N Sparrow 1777
Saffron Walden 1775
 Tiltey Abbey Sparrow 1775
Waltham Abbey N  Newton 1771
Church of Walton on the Naize 1777

Abbot of Cirencesters Villa @ Rodmarton Newton 1785
Beverstone Castle W Newton 1785 N 1732
Cross @ Iron Acton Mr Lysons  1786
Stanley St Leonards Priory & Kitchen Mr Lysons Newton 1786
St Swithen's Church nr the Priory  .. Mr Lysons Newton 1786

Beaulieu Abbey Plate 1 Sparrow 1776
Beaulieu Abbey Plate 2 Sparrow 1717
Christ - Church Castle NE Lerpiniere 1776
Priory of  Christ - Church Twyneham Pl 1 N Lerpiniere 1776
Priory of  Christ - Church Twyneham Pl 2 S Sparrow 1776
Hospital of St Cross Winchester Pl 1 Bonnor 1780
Hospital of St Cross Winchester Pl 2 S Lerpiniere 1780
Hyde Abbey Winchester Plate 1Bonnor 1780
Hyde Abbey Winchester Plate 2 Lerpiniere 1779
KIng John's House Warnford S Sparrow 1780
Merdon Castle N Sparrow 1781
Porchester Castle Gate Newton 1761
Porchester Castle Church  Sparrow 1777
Somerford Grange Sparrow 1782
South Sea castle N Newton 1782
Titchfield House Chapel Bonnor 1785
Warblington Castle  Rev Mr Street Sparrow 1781
Winchester Castle NE Newton 1781
Winchester Old Minster / now  Cathedral SE Newton 1781
Wolvesley Castle Sparrow 1780
Wolvesley Chapel Lerpiniere 1780

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
St Alban's Abbey Sparrow 1787 SW 1737
St Alban's Abbey gate Sparrow 1787
Berghamsted Castle NE Sparrow 1787
Rye House Plate 1 Mr Forster Sparrow 1777
Rye House Plate 2 Mr Forster Sparrow 1772
Sopewell Nunnery St Albans Sparrow 1787

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Augustines Monastery/Ruined Offices W Newton 1750
Dover castle Plan
St Gregory's Priory Canterbury Newton 1758
Gundulph's Tower Rochester NE Williams 1781
Maidstone Bridge Plate 1 S Newton 1760
Maidstone Bridge Plate 2 N Newton 1760
Queensbrough Castle Isle of Sheppey Hollar Newton
Sandgate Castle Newton 1762 NW 1735
Knights Templar Mansion @ Stroud  Bonnor 1759
Upnor castle W Bonnor 1757
White Friars Canterbury Newton 1758

 Map  originally published by Seller  1694
St Mary de Pratis Abbey Plate 1 Mr Thornby Newton 1784
St Mary de Pratis Abbey Plate 2 Mr J More Newton

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Bishop's Palace Lincoln Mr S Grimm Sparrow 1774

London Map 
originally published by Seller  1694
London New Temple WNewton 1784
White Tower or Tower of London NW Sparrow 1784 S & W 1737

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Gateway called King John's Castle Mr J More Sparrow
Savoy Church Plate 1 Mr Day
Savoy Church Plate 2 Mr Day Sparrow

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Lantony Monastery Mr S Grimm Sparrow 1777 NW 1731
Monnow Gate & Bridge Monmouth Sparrow 1775
Ragland Castle Lerpiniere 1775 W 1732
Roman Tower Caerleon Mr S Grimm Lerpiniere 1778
Uske Castle  Mr Lysons 1777 W 1732

 Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Billockby Church Sparrow 1776
St Mary's Abbey Thetford, Gate  Sparrow 1777
St Mary's Priory Thetford, Plate 1 Sparrow 1777 SE 1738
St Mary's Priory  Thetford, Old House Sparrow 1777
Our Lady's Mount Lynn Rev Mr Tyson Sparrow 1776

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Holdenby House  Newton 1761 S 1729

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Alnemouth Church Sparrow 1775
Blenkensop Castle  Bonnor 1774
Bothal Parochial Church Newton 1773
St Cuthbert's Oratoty Cocquet Island Mr S Grimm Lerpiniere 1778
Lindisafarne or Holy Island Monatery Ins Mr S Grimm Sparrow 1778
Thirlwall Castle S Sparrow 1774
Tynemouth Castle NE Mr S Grimm Sparrow 1778 N 1718

 Map  originally published by Seller  1694
KIng's House Clypeston Major Rooke Sparrow
Newark Castle N M Griffith Sparrow 1776 W 1726
Palace of the Archbishop of York Southwell Mr S Grimm Sparrow 1776 S 1726

 Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Iffley/Eyfley oe Yftele Church NE Newton 1774

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Tickencote Church  Mr Carter1785

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Hagmond or Houghmond Abbey Mr Russel Bonnor 1778  NW 1731
Stoke Castle Mr Lysons Sparrow 1785 SW 1731

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Charlcombe Church NW Mr Lysons Grignion 1784
Combe Sydenham    Mr Richards Sparrow

Supplement Vol II
VOLUME VI . . list as in 1787 edition

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Bedericsworthe / Bury St edmund's Lerpiniere 1777 W 1738
Bury St Edmund's Arches
E Sparrow 1777
Clare Castle W Rev Mr Jones Newton 1786
Ipswich Town Hall Newton 1769
Walton Castle Newton 1740

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Catherine Hill Chapel Inside N J Reeves Sparrow 1766
Lambeth Palace Plan Cook 1750

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Arundel Castle Plate 1 Mr Grimm Bonnor 1782 E 1737
Bodiam Castle Plate 1 NE Sparrow 1777 NE 1737
Bodiam Castle Plate 2 N
Bodiam Castle Inside View of Mr Grimm Newton 1784
Borsham Church Crypt Mr Grimm Bonnor 1778
Brede Place Mr Grimm Sparrow 1774
Chichester Town Hall Mr Grimm Sparrow 1780
Chichester Vicar's College Mr Grimm Bonnor 1778
Crowhurst Ruins Mr J More
East Burne Priory / Eastbourne,Mr Grimm Bonnor 1782
Halnaker House Mr Grimm Sparrow 1782
Herstmonceaux Castle Plate 1 SW Mr Grimm Godfrey SW 1737
Herstmonceaux Castle Plate 2 Mr Grimm Godfrey
Herstmonceaux Castle Plate 3 S Mr Grimm Bonnor
Herstmonceaux Castle Plate 4 Mr Grimm Sparrow
Ipres Tower Mr Grimm Newton 1784
Michelham Priory Plate 1 Mr Grimm Newton 1784
Michelham Priory Plate 2 Mr Grimm Newton 1784
Mayfield Place Plate 1 Mr J More Bonnor 1778
Mayfield Place Plate 2 Mr J More Bonnor 1778
Mayfield Place Great Hall Mr Grimm Newton 1784
Roberts Bridge Abbey Mr J More Sparrow 1785
Scotney Castle Mr Verner Sparrow 1783
Shelbred Priory
Stanstead Place Mr Grimm Bonnor 1778
Verdley castle Mr Grimm Sparrow 1784
Verdley castle Plan Mr Grimm 1784
Winchelsea Gate Mr Grimm Sparrow 1784

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Kenilworth castle Plate 3 Heath 1774
Kenilworth Priory Plate 2 N Sparrow 1774
Mastoke castle  Mr Miller Sparrow 1773

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Council House Salisbury Newton 1770
Malmesbury Abbey Plate 1 N Newton 1785
Malmesbury Abbey Plate 2 S Newton 1785 SW 1731
Malmesbury Abbey Plate 3  Mr Lysons Sparrow 1785
Malmesbury merket Cross etc Mr Lysons Newton 1785

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Great Malvern Priory Mr Lysons Sparrow 1875 N 1731

 Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Caterick Bridge Mr Rowe
Clifford's Tower York Mr Grimm Bonnor 1778
Egleston Abbey Mr J More Newton 1786 N 1722
Harwood Castle Plate 1 Mr J More Sparrow 1786
Harwood Castle Plate 2  Mr J More Sparrow 1786
Helmsley Castle Frontes Mr Rowe
Knaresborough Castle Mr Tarrant Sparrow 1775 S 1721
Pontefract Church Mr Grimm Sparrow 1779
Ravensworth Castle Plate 1 Lt Col Hicks,Lerpiniere 1779
Ravensworth Castle Plate 2 Mr Rowe Newton
Richmond Castle Plate 2  Sparrow 1773 W 1721
Richmond Castle Great Tower  Mr Rowe Newton
Richmond Castle Plan  Mr Bailey
Roch Abbey Plate 2 Mr Grimm Sparrow 1782 W 1725
Rotherham Bridge & Chapel on Mr Grimm Sparrow 1778
Sallay Abbey at Craven Maj Rooke Sparrow 1774
Snape Hall nr Bedale Mr Rowe Sparrow 1787
Tanfield Castle Mr Rowe Newton 1786

 Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Beaumaris Castle Plate 3 M Griffith Sparrow 1774 N.SE 1752
Collegiate Church Holyhead Plate 2 S 1742
Market place Holyhead  Sparrow 1769
Pentraeth Chapel Sparrow 1774

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Brecknock Castle Sparrow 1785

 Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Langhanre or Talacharne Castle Mr Grimm Lerpiniere 1778 SE 1740
Llanstephan Castle Mr Grimm Sparrow 1779 NE 1740

 Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Caernarvon Castle Inside View of Mr Grimm Lerpiniere 1777
Caernarvon Castle Great Gate  M Griffith Newton 1773
Clynog Church M Griffith Mazel 1773 SE 1741
Conway Walls of the Town S Newton 1774 NE 1741
Conway Conventual Church of the Abbey  Newton 1774
Dolwyddelan Castle M Griffith Sparrow 1773 E 1741
Llandegai Church M Griffith Newton 1773

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Cardigan Castle P.Sandby Newton 1770
Strata Florida Abbey Mr Grimm Sparrow 1777

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Denbigh Castle M Griffith Sparrow 1773

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
St Asaph Cathedral Church Mr Lysons Sparrow 1786
Bangor Church And Bridge M Griffith Sparrow 1776
Flint Castle Plate 2 M Griffith Newton 1785

 Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Caerphilly Castle Great hall Newton 1775 SE 1740
Llanblythian/ St Quintin's Castle Mr Lysons Newton 1786 SE 1741
Llandaffe Cathedral 1786
Margam / Margan Abbey W Sparrow 1777
Penline Castle Mr Lysons Sparrow 1786

 Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Dolforwyn Castle M Griffith Sparrow 1773
Montgomery Castle Plate 1 NW Mr Lysons Sparrow 1785
Montgomery Castle Plate 2 M Griffith Sparrow 1773 S1742
Powis Castle Plate 2 Mr Lysons Mazel 1785 SE 1742

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
St David's Episcopal Palace M Grimm Sparrow 1777 SE 1740
Haverfordwest Priory M Grimm Sparrow 1777 SE 1740
Pembroke Castle gate of  M Grimm Newton 1777 NW 1740

Isle of Mann
 Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Abbey Bridge at Bala sala Sparrow 1774
Tinwal Hill Plate 1 Newton 1771
Tinwal Hill Plate 2 N M Griffith Newton 1774
St Trinion Church Sparrow 1774

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Castle Cornet Plate 1 Lerpiniere 1776
Castle Cornet Plate 2 W Lerpiniere 1776
Castle Cornet Frontesp  Sparrow 1776
Chapel of Notre Dame des pas Sparrow 1776
Marth Castle S Sparrow 1776
St Michael's or Vale Castle SW Sparrow 1776
St Michael's or Vale Church  Sparrow 1777
St Sampson's Church NW M Gosselin Sparrow 1776

Map  originally published by Seller  1694
Druid's temple Plate 1 Newton
Druid's temple Plate 2  Sparrow
Elizabeth Castle NE Lerpiniere 1776
Gowray or Mount Orgueil castle NW Lerpiniere 1776


2."The Antiquities of Scotland," 2 vols. 4to and 8vo.(1789-91).Contents list :-
Aberdeenshire Cathedral Church

Aberbroth Abbey and Tower 1+2
Brechen Cathedral Church
Glames (Glamis ) Castle 1+2
Restennote Priory
Red Castle

Dunstaffage Castle, Lorne
Alloway Church
Auchinleck Old Castle or Mansion
Colaine or Culzeen Castle
Corshill House
Crossraguel Abbey 1+2+3
Dean castle
Dolquharran Castle
Dunure Castel 1+2
Greenand Castle
Kilwinning Abbey
Machlin castle
Maybole or Minniboil Collegiate Church
Old House of Cassils
Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire
St John Baptis's Church
Sorne Castle
Turnbury Castle

Boyne Castle 1+2
Inchdrewr Castle

Berwick on Tweed castle
Cockburn's Path Tower
Coldingham Nunnery1+2+3
Dryburgh Abbey 1+2
Home Castle
Little Den Tower
Peath's Bridge

Clackmannan Tower

Amiesfield or Helmsfield Tower
Bow Butts near Jarborough Castle, Glencairn
Carlaverock castle, Nithsdale 1+2+3
Closeburne Castel in Nithsdale
Cowhill Tower, Nithsdale
Druid stones near the Kirk of Holywood
Dumfries Bridge
Friars Carse in Nithsdale
Hoddam castle 1+2
Lag Castle 1+2
Morton castle in Nithsdale
Sanquar Castle 1+2
Spedlin's Castle 1+2
Torthorold Castle

Saint Anthony's castle 1+2
Borthwick castle
Craig-Millar Castle Mid Lothian 1+2
Crighton Castle
Cross of Edinburgh
Dalhousie Castle 1+2
Edinburgh Castle South East
Edinburgh Castle North West
Edinburgh Castle West
Edinburgh Castle North
Hawthornden 1+2+3
Heriot's Hospital
Holyrood House, Abbey + Palace
Holyrood Chapel west
Holyrood Chapel East
Holyrood Chapel West + Inner
Marchiston Tower
Restalrig Church
Saint Roque's Chapel, Midlothian
Roslin Chapel
Roslin Castle
Seton House 1 + 2
Seton Church
Trinity Church
Well House Tower
Woodhouse Lie 1 +2
Wrytes Houses

Blamerino Abbey,
Black Friars or the Dominicans St Andrew's
Castle of St Andrew's
Cathedral of St Andrew's
Den Miln Castle
Dumfermling Abbey 1+2
Dumfermling Fratert
Pittenweem Priory
Roseythe Castle

Abbots Tower nr New abbey
Butel Castle
Dundrennan Abbey 1+2
Dunskey Castle 1+2
Glenluce Abbey 1+2
Kenmure Castle 1+2
Kenedy castle Wigtownshire
Kirkcudbright Castle 1+2
Laggan Stone 1+2
Lincluden Colleg 1+2
LochRoieston or Hill castle
Mote of Urr 1+2
New Abbey or Sweethearts 1+2
Thrive, Threive or Threiff Castle

Berwick Ruins on the shore
Cistercian Nunnery ay North Berwick 1+2+3
Dirleton Castle 1+2+3
Dunvar Castle 1+2
Gulane Church
Haddington Church
Hales castle
Innerwick castle
Tantallon castle 1+2

Dunotter Castle

Loch Leven Castle
Lochor Castle
Biggar College
Bog Hall in Clydesdale
Hamilton Collegiate Church

Linlithgow Palace,

Bishops Palace Spynie 1+2
Elgin Cathedral Church 1+2
Pluscardin Priory

Abernethy College (Tower) 1+2
Campbell Castle 1+2
Culross or Kyllenross Castle
Doun Castle
Dunblane Cathedral
Elcho Castle
Gowrie House or Castle
Hunting Tower,
Monks Tower

Newark castle

Goldielands castle
Jedburgh Abbey
Keslo Abbey
Malross or Melrose Abbey Tiviotdale
Minto Tower
Roxburgh castle

Almond House
Bruce's castle
Cambuskenneth Abbey
Emanuel or Mannuel Nunnery
Stirling Church,
Stirling Castle

Auchincass castle, Evandale
Cross Church, Peebles,
Drummmelzier Castle, Tweedale
Nid-Path Castle
St Andrew's Church, Peebles
Tweedmuir Church

Brodie Castle, Arran
Ranza castle, Arran
Dunvegan Castle, Skye
Inch Colm 1+2+3

3. "The Antiquities of Ireland," 2 vols. 4to and 8vo, a posthumous work, edited by Mr. Ledwich, 1794.

County of Antrim:-
Dunluce Castle

County of Carlow:-
Ardglas Castle
Ballylaghan Castle
Ballymoon Castle
Carlow Castle
Clonmore Castle 1+2
Leighlin Abbey
Leighlin Bridge
Mullin's Church

County of Cavan:-
Drumlane Priory

County of Cork:-
Timoleague Abbey

County Clare:-
Clare Abbey
Ennis Abbey
Quin Abbey
Oratory near Killaloe

County Down:-
Dundrum castle
Dundrum old Mansion
Gray Abbey
Newark Castle
New Castle

Baggotsrath Castle
Baddungan castle
Baddungan Church
Brown's Castle
Bullock Castle
Castel Knock
Christ Church
Clondalkin Church Tower
Dalkey Castles
Doughlas Church
Drumcondra Church
Howth or Hoath Church
Lusk or Lush Church
Patrick's Cathedral
Simon's Court Tower
Sword's Castle
Sword's Church
Timon Castle
Tallagh or Tullogh Church

Devenish Isle

Athenry abbey
Ballinsnave Castle
Birmingham Castle
Casteltown Castle
Claddagh castle
Clare Gallaway Castle
Dunmore abbey
Kilconnel Abbey
Knockmoy Abbey
Oranmore castle
Tuam abbey

Lislaghtin Abbey
Mucruss Abbey
Ross castle

Castledermot Abbey 1+2
Castledermot  Church + Tower
Gray Abbey
Kilcullin Church
Kildare abbey
Kilkea or Killea Castle
Killussy Church
Black or Dominican Abbey 1+2
St Canice Cathedral
Franciscan Abbey
Gowaran Abbey
Graingemanach abbey 1+2
Jerpoint abbey
St John's Abbey
Kilkenny Bastion
Momasterevan Abbey
Moon Abbey + Castle
Noas abbey
Thomastown Abbey

Grandison Castle

Dromhaire Abbey
Fenaugh Ruins
John Castle
Jamestown Church or Friary
O'Rouks Hall

Adare or Adaire Castle
Adare or Adaire Abbey
Carrigogunnel Castle
Cullum Castle
Rockbarton Castle

Lanesborough Abbey

Ardee Castle
Ardee Church
Athearne Castle
Carlingford Castle
Carlingford Abbey
Castletown Castle
Dundalk Church tower
Mary's Drogheda
Mellsifont Castle
Mellsifont Abbey 1+2+plan
Monasterboise Church + Tower
Roche Castle
Torsecan Castle

Ballintubber Abbey
Ballyhaunes Abbey
Buryshool Abbey
Cong Abbey
More castle
Morisk Abbey
Rosserick or Rossork Monastery
Strade Abbey
Turlough Round Tower and Church
Urlare or Orlare Abbey 1 +2

Asigh Castle
Athlumney Castle
Ballintubber Abbey
Bective abbey 1+2
Donaghmore Church + Tower
Daleek Abbey 1+2
Dunmore Castle
Kell's Church + Tower
Newtown Abbey
Screen Church
Slane abbey
Slane Hermitage
Trim castle
Tarah Church

County of Monaghan:-
Blaney  Castle 1+2

Agamacart Castle
Agamacart Abbey
Aghaboe Castle
Ballaghmore Castle
Cloghgrennan Castle
Agamacart Castle
Dunamase Castle 1+2+3
Lea Castle
Maryborough Fort
Moret Castle
Shean Castle
Timahoe Tower + Castle

Ballintubber Castle
Ballintubber Tower
Boyle Abbey 1+2+3
Clonshanville Abbey 1+2
Clonshuskert Abbey
Donamon castle
Coote Castle
Ennismacreeny Church
John's Castle
Kilmaine Church
Loughlin Castle
Mac Dermot's Castle
Roscommon Abbey 1+2
Roscommon Castle 1+2+3
Tulsk Abbey

Bahy Castle
Ballindown Abbey 1+2
Ballymote castle 1+2
Ballynasad Castle
Ballysadare Abbey
Ballysadare Church
Ballhara Castle
Ballymote Church
Bennada Friary 1+2
Court Abbey 1+2
Meemleek Castle
Newtown Castle 1+2
O'Gara's Castle
Rosslee Castle
Sligo Abbey 1+2+3

Ardfinnan castle
Burnt Court 1+2
Cashel Abbey
Cashel cathedral
Hoare or Black Abbey
Holy Cross abbey 1+2
Kilcooley Abbey
Mary's Church, Thurles
Thurles, Knights Templar's Castle
Roscrea Castle
Thurles Castle

Augher castle

Reginald's tower
Strancally castle

Multisernam Abbey
Nawl castle
Tristernagh Abbey 1+2

Bargy Castle
Enniscorthy castle + Bridge
Clonmines Abbey
Duncannon Fort
Dunbrody abbey 1+2
Enniscorthy Castle
Fethard Castle
Ferns castle
Hook Tower
St Mary's Church Wexford
Selkser Abbey
Slade Castle
Tintern abbey

Arklow Castle
Baltinglass Abbey
Carnew Castle
Seven Churches
Wicklow Abbey

4. "A Treatise on ancient Armour and Weapons," 1785, 4to.

5. "A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue," 1785, 8vo.

6. "Military Antiquities; being a history of the English Army from the Conquest to the present Time," 1786, 1788, 2 vols. 4to.

7. "The History of Dover Castle, by the rev. William Darell," 1786, 4to.

8."A Provincial Glossary, with a Collection of local Proverbs and popular Superstitions," 1788, 8vo.

9. "Rules for drawing Caricatures," 1788, 8vo.

10. " Supplement to the Treatise on ancient Armour and Weapons," 1789, 4to.

11."A guide to the Health, Beauty, Honour, and Riches," being a collection of humorous advertisements, pointing out the means to obtain those blessings; with a suitable introductory preface, 8vo.

12. "The Olio, a collection of Essays," jests, small pieces of poetry, all highly characteristic of Mr. Grose, but the collection was not made by him, and we suspect all the contents are not from his pen; 1793, 8vo.

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